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Teggs Nose, east of Macclesfield

The team was called out to assist Cheshire SAR with a search for a missing person who was believed to be east ofMacclesfield.

As team members were arriving at the Country Park, the missing person was located.

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Chrome Hill

A little bit of deja vu with today’s callout. Due to extremely slippery conditions over the ridge of Chrome Hill a small group of walkers wisely chose a low level route into Dowel Dale. Unfortunately, whilst descending a grassy path the casualty slipped causing a painful injury to the right ankle. For the second time in a few days, the team met in Glutton Bridge where team members were transferred in the response vehicles to the base of Chrome Hill. After an extremely muddy and very slippery ascent three team members arrived at the casualty’s location. The weather …

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Parkhouse Hill, west of Earl Sterndale

The team responded to a call out to a walker near Parkhouse Hill, west of Earl Sterndale.

Due to location an rendezvous point was established at Glutton Bridge. Response vehicles then transported team members and equipment to the base of Parkhouse Hill for a short walk to the casualty site.

The walker was out enjoying the Peak District National Park when a slip resulted in an injured ankle. Unable to weight bear, the casualty was assessed by team casualty carers and pain relief administered before being placed onto one of the …

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Mam Tor, Castelton

The team was called out to a joint snatch incident with Edale Mountain Rescue Team to a report of three persons who were crag fast somewhere on the face of Mam Tor.

As the incident was progressing and further information received, it became clear that the three persons had been able to get themselves off the face of Mam tor. As such, the teams were stood down without having to get involved further.

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Kinder Scout, Edale

Just as a day of Christmas shopping was coming to an end, a call was received from the Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation controller. A group of walkers was reported to have become disorientated in the thick mist around the Woolpacks area of Kinder Scout. The team’s deputy team leader sent out a SARCALL message to ask for 12 volunteers to meet at Edale station to be tasked with heading onto Kinder Scout from various directions.

The team’s vehicles, Mobile 3 and Mobile 1 made their way, meeting up with other team members …

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Cats Tor, Goyt Valley

The team was called to assist with the extraction of a paraglider on Cats Tor, above Goyt Valley.

A small number of team members were at Dove base when a call came in, so a very quick response was underway.

Tricky driving conditions stalled the land ambulance on the way up to Pym Chair. Mobile 1 took the paramedic and proceeded to Pym Chair to set up the RV point.

As team members started to arrive, we had notification that helimed was taking the patient and BMRT was …

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Goyts Lane, west of Buxton

Call from Derbyshire Police via Duty Controller to assist with a person stuck in a vehicle in the snow on Goyts Lane.

In the light of further information it was confirmed that the driver had been able to self extract and the team were stood down.

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Farm, west of Flash

The second call was received at 00:32. Snow was lying to a good depth and had been drifting across the narrow lanes making access difficult. Team members attended a remote cottage in the same area as the previous call, using the Hilux (Mobile 1) and Mobile 4 as well as on foot, following some of the routes as per the previous call.

The occupant was found on the floor of his home had been there for several hours and was unable to get up. After a thorough examination, he was found to be cold but …

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Turn Edge Farm, Quarnford

The team were called on two ocassions to the same area. Derbyshire Constabulary received a request from Staffordshire Police, for Buxton Mountain Rescue to carry out several welfare checks on residents who had been cut off by drifting snow and had experienced power cuts.

The first checks were carried out by a small number of personnel in one of the team’s 4x4s, the Defender (Mobile 4). The main area of concern was around the Flash & Knotbury area. Snow ploughs had cleared some of the side roads, but they were not 100% …

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Booth Farm, High Edge.

Another wintery call out for the team.

A walker out experiencing the wild weather of the Peak District National Park, took a slip sustaining a lower leg injury. We received the call out shortly after this year’s Casualty Care exam had finished at our base at Buxton Fire Station.

Similar to Saturday’s call out, team members were required to meet at the fire station to enable safe transportation via the team’s 4x4s to the casualty site, which was near Booths Farm, High Edge.

On arrival, casualty care …

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