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Mam Tor, Castleton

As team members were driving home from the previous incdient at Stanage Edge, a second call out came through for a further incident on the steep south-east face of Mam Tor.

Once again members of both Buxton Mountain Rescue Team and Edale Mountain Rescue Team were soon on scene to carry out the rescue. The incident involved two walkers, one of whom had taken a substantial fall from the face sustaining multiple injuries, and another was stuck high up, unable to move up or down. One group of mountain rescue personnel made their …

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Stanage Edge

The team was called out late afternoon to assist our colleagues at Edale Mountain Rescue Team with a fallen climber.

A climber had fallen whilst climbing a route on Mississippi Wall on Stanage Edge, and sustained injuries after hitting the ground.

For mid-week callouts it is common for both teams to link together to provide a larger pool of team members to attend the scene. Initial medical treatment was provided by mountain rescue personnel, before the casualty was placed onto a vacuum mattress for the stretcher evacuation to the …

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Lightwood Reservoir, Buxton.

The team was called late evening to assist Derbyshire Constabulary in the search for an overdue local walker in the Lightwood Reservoir area of Buxton.

Unfortunately, a gentleman fitting the description was located in the search area, but had sadly passed away.

We would like to send our condolences to the gentleman’s family and friends, and thank our team members for all of their efforts during this difficult call out. Thanks to our colleagues from Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation for supplying mobile lighting.

Please direct …

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Three Shires Head, off the A54, east of Macclesfield Forest, Cheshire

As the previous callout on Shutlingsloe, above Macclesfield Forest was closing, the team received a call to assist the North West Ambulance Service in the area of Three Shires Head.

Whilst deploying to Three Shires Head, a further call came in to assist Edale Mountain Rescue Team, with an incident at Hollins Cross in the Hope Valley (details to follow). For a short time, we had three live call outs on the go, which temporarily required some quick decision making and stretched our resources.

Team members …

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Hollin’s Cross, above Castleton

Whilst the Team was dealing with the incidents in the Macclesfield area, we received a call to assist Edale Mountain Rescue Team with a call out above Castleton. At the time, EMRT were also dealing with another incident.

Between the two MRT’s and working with the East Midlands Ambulance Service paramedics, the injured person was located on the path leading up to Hollins Cross.

Pain relief was provided and the injured walker was placed on the stretcher for an evacuation down the path to the waiting ambulance, for onward transport to hospital….

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Shutlingsloe, east of Macclesfield

The second callout of the day casme in at just after midday as we were called to an an incident involving a walker who had slipped and taken a tumble on the steps coming down from the ‘Cheshire Matterhorn’, more correctly called Shutlingsloe.

The original rendezvous point was to the east of the hill, which is where the first cohort of team members arrived. This resulted in a pincer movement with team members eventually arriving on paths from the north and east.

We are very grateful to the …

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Kinder Scout, Edale

At a time when most people are soundly asleep, the team was woken up by a request from Derbyshire Constabulary to assist with a search for two missing people on Kinder Scout.

The information the missing people had provided was vague, and their actual location difficult to determine. In such circumstances, the “Kinder Search Plan” was initiated. The Kinder Search Plan essentially splits Kinder into four areas, and each of the relevant teams search their allotted area. As ourselves, Kinder Mountain Rescue Team, Edale Mountain Rescue Team and Glossop

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Hen Cloud, Staffordshire Moorlands

Less than 24 hours after the resumption of our first face to face training session for many months, which happened to be at HenCloud, the previous night, the team received a call from our colleagues at the West Midlands Ambulance Service, and a request to return to Hen Cloud.

Having just refreshed ourselves in the use of rope systems and crag rescue we turned out to help with the evacuation of a casualty close to the top of Hen Cloud. The paramedics were already on scene providing the initial medical care; our role …

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Taxal Edge, Nr Kettleshulme, Cheshire.

The team responded to a Saturday morning call from our colleagues at East Midlands Ambulance Service, to assist with an incident involving a horse rider who had taken a tumble far enough from the road to require our help.

Paramedics were already on scene providing the initial medical care. Team members quickly deployed the mountain rescue stretcher to assist with the extraction. The casualty was placed onto vacuum mattress, which acts as a whole-body splint, and carried on the stretcher, across a field to the land ambulance and onto hospital for further …

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Millers Dale, east of Buxton

The team was called out today to assist a fallen climber in Chee Dale. Helped by good location details given in the initial call, and confirmed by other trail users, the team was able to quickly find the climber. Following what are now well-rehearsed Covid-19 protocols, team members provided initial treatment before the casualty was loaded onto a mountain rescue stretcher for evacuation back to the Monsal Trail. The carry-off had some interesting highlights including a stretch of shallow wading in the river, a narrow foot bridge, and some awkward rocky steps. Coordinated team handling and some …

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