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Mam Tor

Just as team members were settling down to a relaxing start to the weekend, we received a request for assistance from East Midlands Ambulance Service. An EMICS doctor were requested to attend an incident at Mam Tor and, due to the location, requested the assistance of Edale Mountain Rescue Team.

The first reports suggested the incident was serious and so Buxton Team was also called out. On arrival at the rendezvous point, it became clear that the injuries were not as bad as first thought, and both teams were stood down….

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Froggatt Edge

While climbing a route on Froggatt Edge a climber fell, sustaining injuries which required help from the emergency services. East Midlands Ambulance Service and the Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance arrived on scene to provide initial medical care, and then requested Edale Mountain Rescue Team to assist with the evacuation of the casualty to the roadside. As is normal for a mid-week callout, a request was made to Buxton Mountain Rescue Team to provide further numbers.

Before team members arrived at the scene, the Air Ambulance crew had been able …

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Hollins Cross

While out for the day on the Great Ridge, a walker slipped on the descent from Hollins Cross to Odin’s Mine, sustaining a lower leg injury.

Both Edale Mountain Rescue Team and Buxton Mountain Rescue Team were called to the scene to carry the casualty back to the road. Team members made their way up to Hollins Cross from Woodseats Farm, and along the ridge to the casualty site.

After an initial medical assessment, team members decided to sledge the casualty on a mountain rescue stretcher to a …

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Cressbrook Dale, Wardlow Mires.

A family group was out enjoying the sunshine on Sunday afternoon when one of them stumbled and fell over, injuring their arm and leg. Despite other members of the group helping the casualty, they were unable to continue on their walk, and called 999.

East Midlands Ambulance Service attended the incident and gave medical d treatment to the injured person. However, due to the location, EMAS requested our assistance to help get the casualty to the nearest road.

On arrival, the team transferred the casualty to a mountain …

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Grindslow Knoll, Kinder Scout.

While descending from Grindslow Knoll, one member of a party of walkers slipped and sustained a lower leg injury. After attempting to continue the descent it soon became clear that further efforts to self-recue would result in making the injury worse. The party took the sensible decision of calling out mountain rescue.

Team members and vehicles were soon at the car park in Edale, to begin the task of ferrying medical and other equipment up the hill to the casualty. The first section to arrive at the scene carried out an assessment of the …

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Kinder Scout.

The team was called by Derbyshire Constabulary to carry out a search on the Kinder plateau for a missing pair of walkers. An initial grid reference was obtained using a system which ‘pinged’ the mobile phone of the lost walker.

Three sections of team members were dispatched to this location from different paths from the valley below. Unfortunately, the missing walkers were not in the immediate vicinity of this point, and on the instruction of the search manager, the search area was expanded. This took in the areas around Grindslow Knoll and the …

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Teggs Nose, Macclesfield

A combination of a Bank Holiday, good weather and beautiful countryside was always going to draw people to the great outdoors, so it was no surprise that while driving to callout 62 some vehicles and team members were diverted to an incident at Tegg’s Nose Country Park.

Clay, water and a steep slope angle resulted in the casualty slipping and taking a tumble while descending a footpath, sustaining a lower leg injury. North West Ambulance Service had been called to give initial medical treatment and requested help in extracting the casualty back to …

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Ravensdale Crag, north of Cressbrook.

The team was called away from fundraising in Castleton to help an injured climber on Ravensdale Crag, near Cressbrook. An experienced climber was leading a route when he took a fall. He landed heavily on the ground some 15 feet below, sustaining lower back injuries.

Team members were assisted at the casualty’s location by fellow climbers. Due to the nature of the injuries and the difficult evacuation options, we requested a helicopter evacuation as the best and safest option for the casualty extraction. A request was put in through our communication channels for a …

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Winnats Pass, Castleton

A quick joint snatch call out with with EMRT to Winnats Pass, Castleton came in mid afternoon. The incident was initially reported as 2 crag fast climbers.

On arrival in Winnats Pass, it transpired that the climbers were in fact two walkers who found themselves stuck on steep ground. One of the two walkers needed assistance to get off the very steep side of the pass. Colleagues in EMRT were able to deal with the incident and BMRT were stood down, with 20 volunteers still inbound to Winnats Pass….

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Grindsbrook, Edale

An early afternoon mid week call out for the team to an injured person in Grindsbook.

Whilst making their way up Grindsbrook, a member of a walking party slipped on a rock, sustaining a very painful lower leg injury. The 999 call was passed through to Buxton Mountain Rescue Team, and members began to arrive at the railway station car park to begin the movement of equipment to the casualty site.

The initial grid reference proved to be very close to the casualy site. Passing walkers had provided a large …

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