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Notes of thanks and gratitude following Call-out activity from those directly affected, family, friends or witnesses at the scene are always highly appreciated by the team. Its also nice to hear of about the progress of those unfortunate enough to be injured.

  • Richard DoranGood to hear from you and glad you're on the mend. Sep 16, 7:39 PM
  • Richard DoranGlad we could help. Sep 16, 7:38 PM
  • Richard HaszkoHuge thankyou for your exemplary professionalism in getting me sorted after my accident. I suffered a fractured vertebra and fractured pelvis. I’m well on the... Sep 15, 2:32 PM
  • Brian summersThanks for rescuing my daughter and grandson on the 2nd Sept. thankfully it was a good ending. Regards Brian summers Sep 06, 6:36 PM
  • Richard DoranHello Stuart. Glad we could help and we hope the recovery goes well and to plan. Sep 01, 8:42 PM
  • Stuart YoungHuge thanks to the Buxton Mountain Rescue team for responding to a call for help when my wife fell from the top of a high... Aug 22, 8:54 AM
  • Nik YoungThank you so much to all involved, it was such a relief to see you! Aug 22, 8:36 AM
  • Richard DoranHello Debbie, thank you for your message. Yes, accidents do happen, glad you're safely back at home. BMRT send you our best wishes, try to... Jul 13, 8:00 PM
  • Debbie NewtonI am the person that you very kindly rescued into the ambulance. I was so relieved to see you, I had been very agitated but... Jul 12, 7:33 PM
  • Richard DoranHello Aimee, Gwilym did so much for the rescue team. We were honoured to have been with him and his family, on his final journey. Jul 07, 8:10 PM
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