Join The Team – Support Team Member

Volunteers join Buxton Mountain Rescue Team because they want to make a difference. If you are unable to commit to being on call 24 hours a day, or do not have sufficient hill skills/fitness to become an operational (hill-going) member, Support Team membership may be an alternative way for you to contribute.

Behind the scenes

The back-up of people behind the scenes is crucial to ensure we are always ready to go whenever we are called into action. Being “ready” involves the practicalities of maintaining equipment and vehicles, and the logistics of running an organisation of 60 people with a turnover of £40,000. This includes detailed attention to training, first aid, legal compliance, record keeping, maintaining premises, fund raising, publicity, and so on.


Find out what specific activities Base team members can contribute to. In exchange for the use of your existing skills, we can offer you the opportunity to learn new ones specific to Mountain Rescue.


Despite being unpaid volunteers, membership of BMRT is not something to be considered lightly. The police and public expect a professional standard of service from us. We are held in high regard and maintaining this reputation depends on the full commitment of its members. As a volunteer there are no wages and you must be prepared to pay your own travelling costs, but the reward in terms doing something worthwhile for others – maybe even helping to save some ones’ life – is immeasurable.

Social side

Mountain Rescue is a serious business but there is also a social side to BMRT, which is fun and builds great team spirit. We are a team of men and women with varied backgrounds who share a love of the Great Outdoors. The strength of the team lies in the way that we work together in a spirit of friendship and mutual support.