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Mam Tor, Castleton

As the stretcher party and casualty were descending the valley from the previous call out, a cacophony of phone ring tones went off alerting the teams to a further callout on Mam Tor. Team members who had not attended the first callout were now required to make their way to the second call out.

Once the Nether Tor casualty was on more straightforward terrain further team members were released to make a rapid descent to the valley floor and head to Mam Tor.

The second casualty of the day was …

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Nether Tor, Kinder Scout, Edale

The Edale Valley is a superb location in which residents and visitors can enjoy outdoor activities, and Buxton MRT and Edale Mountain Rescue Team are on hand when things don’t quite go to plan. Joint callouts are commonplace to provide sufficient team members to deal with incidents safely and this weekend was no exception.

Both teams were busy today working together to carry out rescues on Nether Tor and then Mam Tor. In the first instance a fell runner training for the Edale Skyline Race slipped sustaining a lower leg injury on the …

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Grindslow Knoll, north west of Edale

The team was called out at 15:29 on Saturday afternoon to a walker who had fallen sustaining a painful lower back injury. Team members made their way to the designated RV point at Edale Station.

The first four team members headed up onto Kinder from the Nags Head pub along the path towards Grindslow Knoll. The casualty, who was with walking friends, was located on the Edale path that overlooks Grindsbrook. Due to the prospect of a long stretcher carry off, Edale Mountain Rescue Team was also tasked and as the nature of …

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Cressbrook Dale, nr. Litton

A member of an organised walking group came to grief after slipping in the mud on the path up from Cressbrook Dale. With the casualty unable to weight bear after sustaining a lower leg injury during the fall, members of the party dialled 999 and asked for Police and then Mountain Rescue.

Buxton MRT deployed two 4×4 vehicles which were able to drive to a point close to the casualty, and a team paramedic was able to carry out the initial medical assessment. A decision was made to place the patient on our mountain …

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Kinder Scout, Edale.

With strong winds buffeting the high fells and bouts of heavy rain, there was an air of inevitably when a callout came through in the early evening. A party of walkers on the Kinder plateau had struggled with boggy conditions underfoot and had lost sight of the correct route off the plateau. With daylight fading rapidly, and soaked through from the driving rain, they sensibly alerted Derbyshire Constabulary, who in turn contacted Buxton MRT.

Team vehicles met at the Edale main car park and, ignoring the delights of the village’s firework display, a …

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