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Pooles Cavern, Buxton

A Saturday “tea time” callout came in for assistance with an incident in Buxton.

The commanding view from Solomon’s Temple attracts many local residents, but several days of freeze-thaw and the trampling of many hundreds of walkers had made the paths very icy in parts.

Our colleagues from East Midlands Ambulance Service were treating the casualty, who had slipped walking down to the car park sustaining a painful shoulder injury, but due to the location of the fall our assistance was required to organise the evacuation. …

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Hope valley

With night-time temperatures dropping close to freezing Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called out to assist Edale Mountain Rescue Team in the search for a missing person in the Hope Valley.

The young person had not returned home from school, so with many hours having passed since they were last seen, and clothing inappropriate for the conditions, there were serious concerns for her safety.

Four search dogs and handlers dogs from Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England were called in to help with the search. Just as team members …

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Chrome Hill, south of Buxton

While walking up Chrome Hill with their dog, a couple found themselves in an awkward spot, where a combination of slippery White Peak mud, steep ground, a recurring knee injury and a dollop of snow and ice, meant that further progress was impossible for one of the party.

The 999 call worked its way through the system to the Mountain Rescue Duty Controller, who called out Buxton MRT. Team members were quickly on scene and began to effect the rescue.

Whilst a rope system was set up to lower a …

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Mam Tor, west of Castleton

Today’s callout took us to one of the most popular parts of the Peak District National Park, Mam Tor.

The snow which had fallen earlier in the week has now undergone several cycles of freeze-thaw, creating some very slippery conditions for people enjoying a day out in the Peak District National Park. While descending the path from the top, one of a small party of walkers slipped sustaining a very painful lower leg injury.

Both Edale Mountain Rescue Team and Buxton Mountain Rescue Teams were called out to attend …

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Monsal Trail, near Monsal Head.

The second call out came in late afternoon to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service again with another incident. The team rv’d at Monsal Head.

A family group had been cycling along the Monsal Trail when one of them fell off and injured their lower leg. Team members were quickly on scene and assessed the casualty before administering pain relief. After the leg had been imobilised, the casualty was placed on a mountain rescue stretcher and carried to a team vehicle. The casualty was then driven to Millers Dale for transfer to an ambulance….

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Mam Nick, west of Castleton

The first of two call outs today came in at 10.13 this morning.

After enjoying a walk to the top of Mam Tor, a family group were descending the stone steps back to the Mam Nick carpark when one of the party slipped sustaining a lower leg injury. East Midlands Ambulance Service were called to the scene to provide the initial medical care, but then called for the assistance of Mountain Rescue Teams in order to carry the casualty from the site of the slip to the ambulance.

As is …

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Goyts Lane, Goyt Valley….part 2

Before the Christmas turkeys had been put into the ovens the team was called to an incident in the Goyt Valley, very close to callout 98 earlier in the week.

Whilst out enjoying a walk with her family along the old railway line, a lady slipped on ice which had formed on the trail, sustaining injuries requiring medical help. Other walkers helped make her comfortable while a 999 call was made to our colleagues in the East Midland’s Ambulance Service. They were quickly on scene but given the distance of the site from the …

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Goyts Lane, Goyt Valley

On a cold bright winter’s morning Derbyshire Constabulary called the team to assist our colleagues from the East Midlands Ambulance Service who were attending an incident in the Goyt Valley, along with an off-duty paramedic who had been walking in the area at the time.

While out with her dogs, a lady had fallen heavily, and the resulting injuries meant that a mountain rescue stretcher was needed to carry her to the road. Team members were quickly on scene, and the first vehicles were able to drive along the old railway line …

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Giants Hole, west of Castleton

Just before 10 pm, the team’s key contact received a call via the Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation’s duty controller, who had taken a call from Derbyshire Constabulary to help a group near to the Giant’s Hole cave near Sparrowpit.

A full team call out was instigated with a small number of team members heading to Dove Base and the fire station to collect the response vehicles. A deputy team leader managed to establish contact with the informant, who indicated that the casualties were actually in the cave! With this information, the call …

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