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Kinder Scout

Another tea time call out to assist a family group who had been exploring Kinder’s southern edges while dodging the heavy rain showers in the area earlier on in the day.

As they were making their way down Grindsbrook, one of them injured their leg and was unable to continue the walk down. One of the group rang Derbyshire Constabulary, who called the team out. Two sections were formed to search the area and quickly located the group. The casualty was assessed at the scene and placed in a casualty bag, to keep …

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Odin mine, west of Castleton

An early tea time call out for the team after a group of friends were enjoying a rather damp walk in the Peak District yesterday and one of them slipped on a muddy path and injured their lower leg. The person could not continue with their walk and called for mountain rescue assistance.

With night falling both Buxton and Edale Mountain Rescue Team responded to the call assist the casualty. Once the casualty had been given pain relief, and the injured leg splinted to ensure it remained immobile, they were placed on a …

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Macclesfield Forest

A midday call out for the rescue team volunteers today to help North West Ambulance Service attend an injured cyclist high up in Macclesfield Forest.

While descending a track on the edge of Macclesfield Forest a cyclist slipped on the loose surface sustaining multiple injuries and lacerations. North West Ambulance Service were quickly on scene to provide the initial medical care. Due to the location of the incident, NWAS requested the help of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team to evacuate the casualty to the road.

This was achieved …

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Monsal Trail

The team received a request from Derbyshire Constabulary to provide assistance in the search for a missing person believed to be in the Monsal Head area of the Monsal Trail.

Sections and team vehicles were deployed to search along the Monsal Trail and the woods and footpaths of the Wye Valley, but with no success.

The team was then stood down at 22:00 hrs, but officers from Derbyshire Constabulary continued the search through the night, and following further information, successfully located the missing person safe and well in the early …

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Kinder Scout

The team was called out early afternoon in response to a lost walker on Kinder Scout.

As team members were travelling to the RV point in Edale, further information came through that the missing person has been contacted, and were in the operational area of our neighbouring team of Kinder Mountain Rescue Team.

Once it was confirmed that KMRT had sufficient resources to deal with the incident, BMRT members were stood down.

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Kinder Scout.

A party of walkers on the Kinder Plateau sent out a call for help after darkness fell and they were uncertain of their exact location.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team arrived on scene at the main Edale car park and deployed several sections to search for the walkers. The location of the party had been obtained using PhoneFind, so the sections walked up the Sledge Track towards Grindslow Knoll with the aim of searching the area to the north-west of the summit. Weather conditions were windy, but the party were able to signal their location …

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Roaches, near Upper Hulme

As the team vehicles were returning to base from the previous call oput to Grindsbrook, a call came through to another incident at the Bald Stone.

Team members were diverted from their homeward journeys and turned south this time to the Roaches. However, before they arrived on scene the call came through that a 4×4 emergency response vehicle had managed to reach the casualty, and team members were stood down.

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Grindsbrook, Edale

Today’s first callout was to a lady who had slipped on the path next to Heardman’s Plantation Grindsbrook, Edale.

Team members from both Buxton and Edale Mountain Rescue Teams were called to assist in a joint operation and vehicles were deployed from both bases. The fall had resulted in a lower leg injury and with the casualty in great pain, and unable to walk. A stretcher evacuation back to the valley floor was required before onwards transport to hospital.

Initial medical care was given by the Edale team members, …

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