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Grindsbrook, Edale

Along with a fantastic support team, many operational team members are engaged in ‘behind the scenes’ team activities, which help the team to run smoothly. Tuesday evening was no exception. The media team was on a Zoom call discussing exciting plans for next year when the team leader informed operational team members that a call-out had just come through. This gave members brief advance notice before the call-out text message alert was received.

The call was made by a small group of equipped walkers who were at the very top of Grindsbrook Clough, close to …

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Jacobs Ladder

A mountain biker was starting the descent back into the Edale valley, when they hit the rough terrain, resulting in multiple injuries. The casualty was treated by a team paramedic and then was carried down into the valley to wait for a land ambulance for a transfer to the hospital.

We wish both casualties a speedy recovery and in the heat a BIG thank you to our members

This call out also featured in the BBC news –

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Sir William Hill, Eyam.

Search Dog Wren and handler Andy, who were at Chatsworth, were requested to assist Edale Mountain Rescue team with the search for a missing person. Thankfully the missing person was found safe and well.

Now it was time for Andy and a very tired Wren to return to Chatsworth for a search dog demonstration!

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Ravenstor, Cressbrook.

A climber took a 6-8 metre fall resulting in loss of consciousness and a head injury.

Six team members were tasked from Chatsworth, along with other team members together with Edale Mountain Rescue who were asked to provide assistance and had only recently stood down from a search in Eyam.

Due to the nature of the injury and location, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency was tasked to despatch an S-92 helicopter. Along with this asset, Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance was tasked, as well as an East Midlands

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Grindsbrook Clough

A walker had fallen at the top of Grindsbrook, near Foxholes, resulting in a painful injury to the ankle. Unable to descend, the walking party called for help. Eight team members were tasked to attend from Chatsworth Country Fair along with other team members. From where the casualty was located, a stretcher carry required a large number of team members to attend, therefore due to our commitments at Chatsworth, Edale Mountain Rescue Team was requested to assist. Unfortunately, Edale team were also experiencing a busy weekend, but thankfully a couple of team members were able to assist….

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In the early hours of Tuesday, we responded to a request from Derbyshire Constabulary concerning a stranded camper. The individual’s family had alerted us to his distress due to a medical episode, rendering him uncontactable.

Given the limited information about his whereabouts, our teams were dispatched to potential locations.

Concurrently, we worked diligently to establish communication and were relieved when the patient regained consciousness and responded to our calls. This crucial connection allowed us to pinpoint his precise location using his mobile phone. Remarkably, he had been unconscious …

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Conies Dale. Peak Forest.

A group of experienced climbers were enjoying a selection of challenging boulder problems on a small crag in Conies Dale. During a difficult move over the overhang, one of the group lost his hold resulting in a fall of about 3 metres. Although he landed on a bouldering mat, it was unfortunately an awkward landing resulting in a painful knee injury.

Team members arrived at the designated meeting location at Sweetknoll Farm and then made their way to the casualty’s location.

Casualty care first aid was provided by the team. The climber …

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Three Shires Head

The team was called to a multiagency response to Three Shires Head with North West Air Ambulance Charity, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue, Officialwmas, Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

A member of the public enjoying a summers evening wanted to cool down and enjoy the cool waters of the River Dane. He decided to jump from the upper-tier waterfall to the pool below!

Unfortunately, the water level is currently extremely low and the jump resulted in landing hard on the riverbed, which is mainly gritstone! This resulted in suspected multiple …

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