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Roaches, north east of Meerbrook

The team was called out by West Midlands Ambulance Service to assist with a casualty who had been out walking with friends. Whilst looking for what was thought to be an injured bird, the casualty had slipped on the steep, grassy slope landing heavily injuring her lower leg. The paramedics on scene provided pain relief and splinted the casualty’s leg.

The team carefully placed the casualty onto the mountain rescue stretcher and evacuated the casualty down the track to the waiting ambulance at the Roaches Gate for onward transportation to Macclesfield Hospital. …

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Grindsbrook Clough, Edale

The team was called out along with Edale Mountain Rescue Team to Grindsbrook yesterday afternoon to assist a small group who were out enjoying the sunshine on a leisurely walk in the area.

One member of the group required assistance so a small hill party was tasked to walk up to meet the group on their descent and to provide support.

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Grindsbrook Clough, Edale

A walker took a tumble whilst descending Grindsbrook Clough sustaining an injury to the lower leg. Our colleagues from East Midlands Ambulance Service Ambulance Service were called to the incident and requested help from Buxton Mountain Rescue Team to organise the casualty evacuation.

Team members were quickly on scene at Edale car park to organise and carry to the site the medical and stretcher equipment necessary for the extraction. Thankfully the casualty site was only around a one kilometre walk up the valley, and the previous day’s record temperatures had cooled somewhat. The …

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Grindslow Knoll, Kinder Scout

A visitor to the Peak District National Park was rescued yesterday after taking a tumble while walking down from the Kinder plateau and sustaining a lower leg injury in the process.

Thankfully, in the 999 call to Derbyshire Constabulary, the casualty party were able to fix their location on the path down from Grindslow Knoll quite accurately, so the teams were able to deploy personnel and equipment quickly to the scene.

Initial medical treatment was provided by mountain rescue personnel who identified the need for a stretcher carry …

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Trentabank, Macclesfield Forest.

The team was contacted by North West Ambulance Service, to assist a walker with a shoulder injury. The walker was out enjoying a lovely sunny day and was heading back to their car when he slipped, landed awkwardly, and sustained a painful injury to the collar bone.

As team members arrived at Trentabank Car Park, they were met by Peak District National Park Ranger who directed them to the site, some way up in the forest.

Team members then made their way to the casualty location along the …

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As team members were sleeping soundly in their beds, the team received a request from Derbyshire Constabulary to assist with two missing walkers. They were walking back from Litton late in the evening, and were caught out by how dark it had become.

Unsure of their location, they did the sensible thing of staying where they were and ringing for help. Using phone technology, their exact location was soon confirmed and a few team members in a couple of vehicles were sent to meet them. They were in good spirits, and were taken …

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Grindsbrook Clough, Edale

Team members were returning home from the previous callout, when another request came through for a further joint callout with Edale Mountain Rescue Team, the third call out of the day was about to begin.

With a feeling of déjà vu, the team turned back. The instruction was for vehicles and team members to return to Edale Station car park to an incident somewhere near halfway rocks in Grindsbrook Clough, on the way up to the Kinder plateau. Team members from both Buxton Mountain Rescue and Edale Mountain Rescue met up to receive details …

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Blue John Cavern, Castleton

Just as team members had returned home and back to their chores, we received another request from Edale Mountain Rescue Team to assist with an incident on the hillside between Treak Cliff and Blue John Caverns.

A couple had been enjoying an afternoon walk in the sunshine when one of them fell on a steep grassy slope, injuring their lower leg. An East Midlands Ambulance Service Paramedic assessed the casualty and provided pain relief before splinting the leg. The casualty was then transferred to a mountain rescue stretcher for a short carry out …

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Bradwell, Hope Valley.

The team were called for a joint snatch call out with Edale Mountain Rescue Team to assist with an injured paraglider in Bradwell.

EMAS and Helimed were on scene and it was decided they could deal with the incident between themselves and as such, team members were quickly stood down on route to the rv point.

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Back Tor, Edale.

Continuing a busy run of callouts, the team received a call this afternoon from Edale Mountain Rescue Team to assist with an incident somewhere in the vicinity of Back Tor. Very little information was available as the team and vehicles were mobilised. Whilst team members were in transit to the rendezvous site, further enquiries were being made on scene.

Members of the public had spotted, on the hillside, what appeared to be a collapsed canopy – a fair assumption given the number of paragliders in the area. Mountain rescue team members, and the …

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