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Buxton, town centre

Not a call-out but an incident where team training came in very useful.

One of our team vehicles on its way to a training event came across a road traffic incident in Buxton town centre where the drivers of both vehicles appeared to have received minor injuries.

The crash had involved two cars in a classic T-bone collision.  The Airbags had deployed in both vehicles demonstrating that there had been significant impact.  The drivers had been wearing seat belts and neither was suffering great trauma.   An ambulance had been called but had not yet arrived.

However, to be sure, team casualty care …

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Cressbrook Dale, Warslow

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called along with colleagues from Edale M.R.T.  in a joint team response following the request from East Midlands Ambulance Service for assistance in Cressbrook Dale, Warslow.

The incident occurred in the grassy limestone dale near to Peter Stone

The 66 year old Lady from Northampton, on an annual walking trip with friends, tripped on a hidden stone in the grass and fell forward onto her arm.   Due to the nature of the injury her right arm was locked in an extended and very painful position out to her side.  An E.M.A.S. paramedic diagnosed a dislocated, possibly fractured right shoulder.

Following treatment and …

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The Roaches, Staffordshire.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called on Sunday afternoon following a report to Staffordshire police of a female voice calling for help from the wooded area close to the Roaches main rock climbing face.  Details of the incident were sketchy as the caller was not with the injured party.  It was a natural conclusion that this would be an injured climber and appropriately mountain rescue was called.

However, the police was the first emergency service on scene and soon realised that the injured party was not an climber and that the incident was situated close to the road.  Mountain rescue was …

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Limestone Way, Cave Dale

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called together with local members of Edale Mountain Rescue Team following the report of an accident on the Limestone Way at the head of Cave Dale near Castleton.

A seventeen year old youth, participating in the Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award scheme at silver level, slipped and sustained a minor head wound and an ankle injury.   Other members of the group put into practice their emergency drill resulting in a call to police for assistance.  Team members rendezvoused at Rowter Farm at the top of Winnats Pass and then made their way the short distance to the …

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The Roaches, Upper Hulme, Leek

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to The Roaches, a popular climbing outcrop on the Staffordshire moors, following a report on an injured youth on the upper tier.

Team members were still packing up from the previous incident when this call was received.  Fifteen members and two response vehicle travelled over to Staffordshire where they met youth group instructors who related the nature of the incident.

A 17 year old boy on an organised visit from a Newcastle collage had stumbled sustaining a painful dislocated-knee cap.  Team members climbed to the top …

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Errwood Hall, Goyt Valley

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to rendezvous in the Goyt Valley following a request from East Midlands Ambulance Service for assistance with an injured elderly man on the footpath close to the ruined Errwood Hall.

Nineteen members responded and quickly climbed the short distance up to the old hall.  A 85 year old local man had turned awkwardly and suffered a dislocated hip.  The weather was cold and wet but this was the repeat of an injury which had occurred several times before and the gentleman was in good spirits …

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Brand Side, Buxton

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service with an incident in the remote hamlet of Brand Side off the Buxton to Leek road.

It was reported that a mountain biker had fallen from his bike sustaining injuries but the exact location of the accident was imprecise. Buxton team alerted 18 members who were available to respond and team vehicles were being prepared.  However, within a few minutes of the call the team was stood down when the mountain biker was located by a paramedic First Responder who located the casualty at the road-side.

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Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called at 7.00 pm on Sunday to assist The Kinder Mountain Rescue Team which was dealing with a walker with a reported dislocated knee.

The original position had been reported as under Kinder Downfall which sent Kinder M.R.T. scurrying off in the wrong direction.  However, following further communication with the casualty site, it became apparent that the accident had actually occurred somewhere along the plateau southern edge near to Crowden Towers.

A Search and Rescue helicopter had already been scrambled from its …

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Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service dealing with a 64 year old lady who had sustained a suspected fractured ankle.

The team was still dealing with the previous incident in Buxton when a call was received asking for the help of a 4 x 4 vehicle to extract the casualty from a rough farm track near to Priestcliffe.   The lady, on holiday with her family from London, had been walking along the lane when a simple slip on loose ground caused the accident.  East Midlands Ambulance Paramedics were already on scene and treating the lady …

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Soloman’s Temple

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to rendezvous at Pooles Cavern following the report of a gentleman having slipped and suffered an injury whilst walking near Soloman’s Temple (Grinlow Tower) in Buxton.

As the exact location of the incident became clearer the rendezvous was changed to Grinlow Car-park near to the caravan site.  Members swiftly climbed towards the popular landmark where they found the casualty from Litchfield patiently waiting and in good spirits.

Following an examination of the injured leg it was splinted before the casualty was carried by stretcher back down …

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