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Errwood Hall, Goyt Valley

The Team was called out to a lady who was orienteering in the Goyt Valley.

The lady had fallen and sustained a lower leg injury, and was unable to continue. The casualty was assessed by team members and provided with pain relief. She was wrapped in a fleecy casualty bag to keep her warm, placed in the vacuum mattress and on to a mountain rescue stretcher. She was then carried down the footpath to the car park for onward transportation to hospital. …

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Flood Assist – Standby

The Team’s advanced water trained members were put on standby by the Police for possible flood assist jobs. The team was not needed and was stood down at 1830hrs.

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Earl Sterndale, south east of Buxton

 A Monday mid morning call out for the team to assist a female who was walking with a group in the Earl Sterndale area. The lady started to feel unwell and could not continue with the planned walk.

Due to the location, the Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance was also called along with East Midlands Ambulance Service.

After being assessed and treated by paramedics, team members then placed the casualty in a vacuum mattress and wrapped her in a casualty bag before placing her on a mountain rescue stretcher. …

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Hen Cloud, south of the Roaches

A second call out to the Roaches area in two days for Buxton Mountain Rescue Team.

We received a call from West Midlands Ambulance Service Officialwmas to assist with a casualty recovery, after it was reported that a gentleman, out walking walking with friends in the Hen Cloud area had fallen and injured his ankle.

Team members were quickly on scene and, after the casualty had been given pain relief, and the injury immobilised, he was then placed on a mountain rescue …

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Gradbach, north of the Roaches

The team was called to assist West Midlands Ambulance Service to help with the extraction of a casualty from the incident site to the road head.

Whilst team members were en route to the rv point, the NWAS ambulance staff managed to get the casualty to the road without BMRT assistance.

The team were stood on route.

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Grindslow Knoll, Kinder Scout

After spending all day in the wind and rain covering our own very successful fell run, Fell’n’Back, the team received a call just after midnight from Derbyshire Constabulary to assist 3 walkers who had become benighted on Kinder Scout, above Edale.

The group had set off earlier in the day but with the bad weather and heavy rain, found themselves on the southern edge path in the dark. They had a tent with them which they all climbed into to try and protect themselves from the elements, but were wet and cold.

Team …

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The Team were called to assist Cheshire Police and Cheshire Search and Rescue for a missing person, who was thought to be somewhere between Macclesfield and Macclesfield Forest.

As more information was received, the missing person was located safely, and the team were stood down.

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Mam Tor

Whilst dealing with the previous incident , (Macclesfield), the team was requested to assist Edale Mountain Rescue Team in a joint snatch incident at Mam Tor, in response to a reported urgent medical issue.

Several team members were tasked to the this incident and were en route via Moblie 1, whilst other team members were tasked to attend direct to Mam Tor.

Whilst en route, the team was stood down as the incident had been brought to a conclusion with the assistance of a local farmer and a quad bike….

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