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Stanage, High Neb area

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team members who were within 15 minutes travelling distance were called to assist Edale M.R.T. which was dealing with a climbing accident in the High Neb area of Stanage Edge near Hathersage.

Five local team members responded to help the Edale members assisting a rock-climber who had fallen about six metres sustaining a head injury.   Buxton members were late to the call as the casualty had already been loaded in to an air-ambulance for a short transfer to Dennis Knoll car-park were an East Midlands ambulance …

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Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called just before 6.00 p.m. on Saturday 26th August following a call to North West Ambulance Service relating to an injured walker near to Wincle on the Cheshire / Staffordshire border

A couple from Widnes were on a circular walk from Wildboarclough when a slip in the muddy conditions resulted in a suspected fractured ankle for a fifty year old lady.  An North West Ambulance crew was called in the first instance but when the crew arrived at the site they realised that extracting the lady was going to be difficult and potentially dangerous for the two man …

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Shining Tor, Cat & Fiddle

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called at 1.00 p.m. on Saturday to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service following the report of an injured paraglider under the ridge of Shining Tor near to the Cat & Fiddle on the A537.

A 31 year old male paraglider from Lincoln stumbled whilst attempting to land on the side of the ridge and sustained a suspected fractured ankle.  Thirteen members attended the incident and quickly climbed to the accident site. Following treatment by team casualty-carers the man was placed on a rescue stretcher for the …

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Snake Pass

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called at breakfast time on Friday 25th August to join on ongoing search for a 64 year old man from Kent.

Gary Sims was reported missing to Thames Valley Police by his family.  He was travelling back to Kent from Manchester and was known to have left a hotel in Salford on Monday, August 21st.  His car was found on the A57, Snake Pass road on Wednesday, August 23rd.

Mountain rescue teams from Glossop, Edale and Woodhead started searching on Thursday afternoon and were accompanied by …

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Brown Edge Road, Buxton.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called by East Midlands Ambulance Service at 8.20 p.m. on Monday evening 21st August to assist an ambulance crew dealing with an injured lady on a public footpath just 75 metres off Brown Edge Road in Buxton.

A local 79 year old lady and her husband had been out for their regular constitutional walk when a simple slip resulted in a very painful ankle injury.   Whilst the ambulance crew were able to get to the casualty and start treatment, the stretcher carry back to …

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Monsal Trail

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team alerted to a potential search situation relating to an 83 year old reported as missing from he Monsal Trail.

Preparations were being made and members placed on stand-by when just five minutes later the person was reported to have been found safe and well.


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Chrome Hill

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called at 1.05 p.m. on Thursday 17th August following a report to East Midlands Ambulance Service of an injured walker on Chrome Hill in Dowal Dale.

A 63 year old lady on holiday with her husband from Nuneaton slipped on the descent of the steep sided ridge path sustaining a probable fracture/dislocation of her ankle.  Team members rendezvoused in Dowal Dale for the climb to the casualty site where a number of other walkers had stopped to help.

Following on site treatment and splinting by team casualty-carers …

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Kinder Southern Edge

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called out at 9.15 p.m. on Sunday 13th August following an initial call at 7.30 p.m. to Kinder M.R.T. relating to a group of walkers lost somewhere on the Southern edges of Kinder Scout.

Two Czech ladies in their twenties and now living in London were on a camping holiday in Buxton and decided to go for a walk on Kinder Scout.  The pair climbed the moor from Edale and crossed to visit the Kinder Downfall.  It was on the return journey that they became disorientated and soon met another couple of walkers from Sheffield who were …

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Deep Dale near Sheldon.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team had just finished packing up from the previous incident when at 3.55 p.m. another call-out was received regarding a collapsed walker in Deep Dale.

Fifteen members rendezvoused at While Lodge car-park at the bottom of Taddington Dale for the climb up towards Deep Dale.  East Midlands Ambulance Service personnel were already with the 53 year old casualty from Sutton in Ashfield who was suffering from an acute medical condition.  An E.M.A.S. doctor, who is also a member of Edale mountain rescue team, arrived soon after.

Whilst treatment …

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Castle Naze, Combs Moss

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called out at 2.00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon (13th August) following a report of a rock-climber having collapsed with chest pains at the foot of Castle Naze Crag.

The first team members arrived at the roadside simultaneously with an East Midlands Ambulance crew and all quickly climbed to the incident site.   A mature rock-climber from the Alsager area was showing signs of a heart problem but was being cared for by a party of walkers from Austria.  Fortunately, the team had a German speaking …

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