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Snow Assist – A515 Welfare checks

BMRT were tasked by the Police Emergency Planning to work with Derby MRT to conduct welfare checks on all persons on the A515 between Buxton and Ashbourne and where required return persons to a place of safety. The clearance was assisted by Derbyshire County Council snow plough on the way out. Returning to Base was complicated by worsened weather and drifting snow, leaving the team to travel back by an alternative route assisting with clearing snow and stranded vehicles to create throughway for gritters and ploughs at Taddington crossroads on the A6.

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Crowden Brook (Kinder)

The team was called to a known location incident where a group of three walkers had become stranded due to darkness. Team search managers located the group using mobile phone technology called SARLOC which gave an approximate location just south of Crowden Tower. Team members were dispatched to find the group. The group was found and walked off the hill, after some time spent warming up in the team box tents.

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Stoop Farm, Chrome Hill

A walker who had set out from Longnor with a group of friends had enjoyed the views from Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill on a clear day. Then on the descent to Hollinsclough had taken a slip and injured her ankle and the group called for help. The team responded and treated the lady with pain relief. The lady was then transported to Mobile 3 to await East Midlands Ambulance Service and then on to hospital. The lady’s friends were then transported back to their cars in Lognor.


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Beeley Top Farm

Just as the previous call had concluded we were asked to assist Edale Mountain Rescue Team on a second call. Several Buxton MRT members and vehicles headed to RV at Hell Bank Plantation where a gentleman had slipped whilst crossing a field and sustained a lower leg injury. He was treated on scene and then carried, using the Rescue Stretcher and wheel to a waiting East Midlands Ambulance at Beeley Top farm.

Both teams headed back to their base to clean some very muddy kit.

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Jacobs Ladder

Thursday nights training was interrupted when the team was called to assist Kinder Mountain Rescue Team who were assisting two walkers who had become lost on Kinder Scout. A Kinder Mountain Rescue team section helped the walkers and descended Jacobs Ladder. The team despatched Mobiles 1 & 2 to meet the KMRT section then transport team members and walkers to KMRT base at Hayfield.


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Solomon’s Temple

A 63 year old lady from Ashbourne was out walking the dog with her husband in an area near Solomons Temple when she slipped on a patch of mud and dislocated her knee. The lady was treated by EMAS Ambulance Paramedics and placed on a rescue stretcher and carried by 11 Buxton team members to the road ambulance for onward travel to hospital.

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