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Grindsbrook, Edale.

Initial reports had been of a simple accident on the valley path but the reality turned out to be different.

A 45 year old man was competing in the “Edale Beer Barrel Race” when he tumbled approximately 50 feet down the hillside between Upper and Nether Tor above Grindsbrook.   The man was now lying high on the clough-side and is believed to have suffered a reduced level of consciousness for a considerable period.

Buxton and Edale rescue teams were called together but it was Edale M.R.T. which had members immedia…

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The Roaches.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called in the late afternoon to The Sloth area of The Roaches in Staffordshire following the report of a climber having injured his shoulder.  To complicate the incident, the climber was now on a belay ledge some 20 metres from the ground.
The climber, a man from Macclesfield, had been solo-climbing on Technical Slab when reaching for a hand-hold caused a suspected dislocation of his shoulder.  Keeping cool and calm in a very precarious position and despite great pain, the climber managed …

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Pennine Way, Upper Booth

Buxton and Edale Joint Team Snatch Squad called to rendezvous at Tipps Car-park, Upper Booth, Edale following the report of a man suffering severe abdominal pain whilst walking on the Pennine Way between Edale and Upper Booth.

Rescue team members were quickly with the casualty as were East Midlands Ambulance Paramedics and the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air-ambulance.  For medical reasons the decision was made to transfer the casualty to hospital by land ambulance so the man, from Bramcote, Nottinghamshire, was carried the short distance to meet the ambulance at Upper Booth Farm.

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Aldery Cliff, Earl Sterndale

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service after a report of a rock climber having fallen at Aldery Cliff.

The experienced 25 year old climber from Stone in Staffordshire is thought to have been on a route named Nettle Rash (V.S.) and was abseiling back down the crag when the accident occurred.  He fell approximately 20 feet landing on his back on a limestone ledge.

Initial treatment was completed by E.M.A.S. staff before the rescue team placed him on a stretcher for the …

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Kinder Scout

Around seventy members from four Peak District Mountain Rescue Teams and search dogs  commenced a search of Kinder Plateau following a call from a 67 year old man saying he was lost on the moor.

The weather had been poor all day and low cloud reduced viability on land above 1,000 feet to just a few yards.  The man had left Upper Booth in the early afternoon and had soon become disorientated but darkness compounded the problem and rescue teams were called around 10.00 pm.   Buxton, Edale, Kinder and …

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Parkhouse Hill, Glutton

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to rendezvous at Glutton Bridge Garage on the Buxton to Longnor road following the report of a man having collapsed on Parkhouse Hill.

The casualty was a 67 year old man from Leicester, who is a regular visitor to the Peak District, had been walking with his family.  He is a known sufferer of Parkinson’s Disease and had become exhausted in his ascent of Parkhouse Hill.   Team members quickly climbed the steep limestone hill and administered oxygen.  As the …

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Grindsbrook, Edale

Edale and Buxton Mountain Rescue Teams called out following the report a a man having sustained a knee injury whilst climbing Grindsbrook Clough.

The 44 year old man from Rossington, Doncaster, had been walking when he twisted his left knee preventing him from continuing.   At the time of the report Edale MRT had members fundraising in Edale village so equipment was soon on its way up the valley.  Buxton team was engaged at Dove Holes Carnival but detached two vehicles and nine members to assist with the …

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Hen Cloud, The Roaches.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called mid-evening to assist West Midlands Ambulance Service dealing with a fallen climber on Hen Cloud, Staffordshire.  An event hampered by heavy rain and the onset of darkness.

A lady climber, local to Buxton, had fallen and sustained a potential fracture of an ankle when she landed on a rocky ledge, about three metres above ground.  First aid was given by West Midlands Ambulance staff (one of which happened to be a member of Cheshire A.L.S.A.R.) and a Buxton team doctor.  The …

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Grindsbrook, Edale

A lengthy call-out for the Edale and Buxton Mountain Rescue Teams’ Joint Snatch Squad following a report of a child having fallen in the upper reaches of Grindsbrook sustaining back injuries.

The 12 year old boy from Kent was on an organised adventure holiday when he slipped on the rocks, falling about one metre and landing badly.  The incident occurred in one of the most difficult locations from which to extract a casualty where the rough gritstone boulders make stretcher handling a real challenge.  The steep …

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Millers Dale

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to assist the Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland air-ambulance just 300 metres north of the old station on the Monsal Cycle-way.    A Lady on holiday from Norfolk had fallen from her hired cycle and sustained a serious, open fracture of her wrist.

Aircraft paramedics treated the lady’s injuries before she was placed on a mountain rescue stretcher.  The steep limestone sides of Millers Dale meant that the aircraft had had to land in a field over half a kilometre away.  Team members carried …

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