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Limestone Way

A report of a man having suffered a fractured leg on the track between the head of Cave Dale and Eldon Hill (just off The Limestone Way) triggered a call-out for Buxton and Edale Mountain Rescue Teams.  It had been a clear cold day but the sun was disappearing quickly behind a freezing mist.

The man, from Didsbury, Manchester, had been walking alone when he slipped on the snowy path.  Two passing walkers gave immediate help and paramedics from East Midlands Ambulance Service went directly to the …

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Kinder Scout

The Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation’s “Kinder Search Plan” was again initiated following the report of two men missing on Kinder plateau.

A cold but bright snowy day had been deteriorating since the afternoon and the forecast for the night was for it to get much worse with heavy rain and gale force winds.   Anyone still on the moor without quality equipment was going to be in serious trouble.  Neither of the two missing men were believed to have waterproof trousers, torches or a map.

Buxton, Glossop, Kinder and Edale Mountain Rescue Teams were called about 20.00 hours when a man, …

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Kinder Scout

Four Peak District mountain rescue teams and four Search & Rescue dogs were called to locate a man who had reported himself lost on Kinder plateau.

The weather throughout Sunday had been relatively mild but light snow from Saturday was still lying in gullies and strong winds and heavy showers throughout the day made for difficult walking conditions.  Teams were alerted about 18.00 hours and each team rendezvoused at its own chosen location.  The teams have a pre-planned system for searching Kinder which involves Buxton, Glossop, Kinder and Edale mountain rescue teams dividing the …

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Stoke Ford near Abney

A joint call-out for Buxton and Edale Mountain Rescue Teams following the report of 70 year old male walker from Sheffield having sustained an ankle injury.

Following first aid by rescue team members the gentleman was carried by stretcher for some distance up hill, over a narrow footbridge and several stiles, back to the road to a waiting ambulance.  The casualty was then transferred to a Sheffield hospital for further examination.

Photo Credit: Team members restocking equipment in to vehicles on the narrow Abney road following the incident.

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Chatsworth Estate

Derbyshire Police contacted mountain rescue in the early hours of Wednesday to request help in locating a missing vulnerable person in Chatsworth Estate.  Edale Mountain Rescue Team and S.A.R.D.A. dog handlers were also alerted but, before any proper preparations for the search started, the police located the man safe and well.

The team key-contact went back to bed and the rest of the team slumbered on oblivious to the potential rude awakening.

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Goyt Woods

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team received its first call of 2015 when a 34 year old lady from Whaley Bridge slipped in Goyt Woods resulting in a suspected fractured ankle.

Twenty two members responded on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon when called to rendezvous at Windgather Rocks near Kettleshulme.  The casualty site was quickly located and team first aiders treated the lady who had been walking with her husband.  Following the administration of pain relief and splinting of the injury the casualty was carried by rescue stretcher to Black …

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Taddington Woods

Seventeen Buxton Mountain Rescue Team responded when called to Taddington Woods at the bottom of Taddington Dale near Ashford.  Derbyshire police had received a report of a 67 year man from Wakefield having slipped on the wet ground whilst walking with his wife.  The casualty had sustained minor lacerations to the head and an open fracture of a finger.

The man declined an ambulance but was carried by stretcher to White Lodge car-park from where his wife was able to transfer him to a hospital.

Photo credit:  Team members …

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Goyt Valley

Following on immediately after the previous incident Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called by East Midlands Ambulance Service to attend a sledging accident near to the head of Goyts Lane.

A nineteen year old man from Lemmington suffered suspected back injuries following a sledging incident.  Access to the casualty was complicated by the atrocious road conditions in the Goyt Valley.  Following careful assessment and the administration of pain killing drugs the casualty was carried by stretcher to the top of Goyts Lane at its junction with Long …

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Mam Tor

The fine, clear and snowy weather continued throughout the weekend and hundreds of people were taking advantage of the classic winter conditions throughout the Peak District.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called at 13.35 to attend at Mam Tor following a report of a man having suffered a medical collapse.  Initial information was sketchy and the exact location of the incident was also uncertain.  Edale Mountain Rescue Team was called to provide additional man-power and an air-ambulance was scrambled.  A passing member of Glossop MRT was also commandeered.

In the …

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Goyt Valley

Heavy snow fell throughout the Peak District on Boxing day evening resulting a number of incidents whereby mountain rescue teams were called to assist the ambulance services or recovered stranded motorists.

Buxton team received two calls during the night.  The first call was at 1.15 am following the report a vehicle stranded in the Goyt Valley.  The vehicle had been damaged and the two male occupants from Marple were stranded in deep snow and freezing conditions.  Two 4 x 4 team vehicles with five team members were deployed and the men were collected and taken to safety.

The team was then redeployed …

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