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Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to assist Edale team dealing with a number simultaneous incidents on and under Kinder Scout.  Some of the incidents resulted from the Edale Skyline fell race and all were complicated by the prevailing strong winds and driving rain.   Hypothermia, in various stages of advancement, was apparent in all cases brought on by the severe wind chill.

One man was assisted down from Grindslow Knoll and another down from Ringing Roger.  A third report of a collapsed man at the top of Grindsbrook caused …

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Dam Dale

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service following a report of a walker having sustained a leg injury in Dam Dale near Smalldale.  A 58 year old man from Knottingley, Yorkshire, was walking with a group of friends when a simple slip in the muddy conditions caused a suspected fracture of the ankle.

The man was treated by E.M.A.S. paramedics before being carried to the nearest farm where the ambulance was waiting to convey him to a Chesterfield hospital.  The team acknowledge the help and assistance of the farmer in the evacuation of the casualty.

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An early morning call for Buxton and Edale Snatch Squad. Team members were called to Upper Booth in the Edale valley to assist the East Midlands Ambulance Service with a 20 year old male hill walker from Middlesborough.

The man was out walking in wintry conditions. He slipped and fell whilst climbing a stile at Dalehead at the western end of the Edale Valley, suffering a back injury.  The ambulance service paramedic and team members treated him on site, and then carried him a short distance by stretcher to the waiting land ambulance.

The casuality was transferred to Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport …

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Jacob’s Ladder, Upper Booth.

Buxton and Edale Mountain Rescue Teams’ Joint Snatch Squad called to the assistance of a lady from Sheffield who had taken a slip whilst descending Jacob’s Ladder in to the Edale Valley.  The lady had suffered a suspected fracture of the left ankle and, following treatment by team paramedics, the lady was carried by stretcher back to Lee House Farm where an ambulance was waiting to transport her to a Sheffield hospital.

Photo credit:  BMRT.   Casualty stretcher party descending Jacob’s Ladder.

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Mam Tor Ridge

Buxton and Edale teams’ joint snatch squad called to Mam Tor area of Castleton to assist a female casualty from Poynton, Cheshire. Whilst walking along the ridge she slipped and landed directly on a rock with her hip.  Team members treated the lady for suspected injuries and carried her back to an ambulance waiting at Mam Nick for transfer to a Stockport Hospital.

Photo Credit:   BMRT  -  Accident site on Mam Ridge and the stretcher carry off.


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Hen Cloud

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called by West Midlands Air-ambulance crew following a climbing incident on Hen Cloud near the Roaches, Staffordshire. A 26 year old man from London was solo climbing when he fell about six metres sustaining leg and possible pelvic injuries.  The helicopter was first on scene but was unable to land near the accident site.  Whilst the paramedic aircrew treated the casualty the rescue team climbed to the scene with a stretcher. Following assessment and treatment the man was carried by rescue stretcher back …

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Mam Farm

Buxton and Edale Teams’ Snatch Squad called to rendezvous at Odin Mine. near Castleton.  A male had slipped on a muddy footpath causing injury to his ankle and preventing him from continuing.  The casualty, a 69 year old from Sheffield, was located on steep ground beyond Mam Farm and was treated at scene by paramedics.  He was then carried by stretcher to the ambulance waiting at Odin Mine.

Photo credit:  BMRT.   The casualty arrives at Odin Mine and is transferred to the ambulance.


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Longshaw Estate

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called in support of Edale MRT to assist with an 18 year old female who was suffering a series of seizures.  The girl, part of a Prince’s Trust group, was treated by East Midlands Ambulance staff before being carried by stretcher to the waiting ambulance.

Photo credit:  BMRT –  Edale and Buxton team members returning from the call-out.

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Monsal Head

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team placed on stand-by following the report of a walker three hours overdue from a morning ramble.  Two Deputy Team Leaders traveled to Monsal Head to obtain more details of the missing person but on arrival were told that the lady had turned up safe and well.  Team stood down.

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Padley Gorge

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to assist Edale team dealing with an incident in Padley Gorge near Grindleford.  A 76 year old man from Bakewell had slipped whilst walking on an icy path and sustained a lower leg injury.  The gentleman was treated at the scene before being carried on a rescue stretcher to the East Midlands Ambulance waiting at the roadside.

Photo credit:  BMRT  -  Edale and Buxton members bring the gentleman back to the roadside.



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