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Mam Tor Old Road, north west of Castleton

The team received an early Monday afternoon callout to assist Edale Mountain Rescue Team with a ‘joint snatch’ incident near Mam Tor.

The casualty was on holiday, and had been enjoying a walk in the sunshine on the Great Ridge. Unfortunately they slipped on the muddy ground and suffered an ankle injury.

The Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance had been asked to attend, and had landed on the ridge, some way and above the casualty. Helicopter medics treated the casualty before team members placed them in a casualty bag (warm sleeping bag) …

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Combs Moss, north west of Buxton

As the previous callout was ending, the team was alerted to a second callout near Combs Moss.

In order to ensure the second casualty was attended to quickly, Kinder Mountain Rescue Team, were asked to assist us. As the previous incident was concluding, team members made their way across Buxton to help Kinder Mountain Rescue Team.

The casualty had injured themselves while climbing over a wall. Both teams made their way to the casualty’s location, which was in the middle of the moor.

The casualty was assessed by …

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Millers Dale, east of Buxton

For the second time in two days, the Rescue Team was called to two back to back incidents.

The first callout took the team to the banks of the River Wye at Chee Dale. The casualty had been enjoying a walk with friends when she slipped and injured her ankle.

Team members were soon on scene, and casualty carers assessed the injury and splinted her leg. The casualty was then wrapped in a ‘casualty bag’, to keep them warm, and placed on a mountain rescue stretcher for a slippery and challenging carry, …

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Ashford-In-The-Water, west of Bakewell

As team members were leaving the previous incident at Cats Tor for the journey back to base a second call out was initiated in a different part of our operational area.

This time the incident was south of Buxton in the scenic area of Kirk Dale, to the west of Ashford in the Water. The casualty had been descending a path to the road, having enjoyed a walk with a group, when a slip resulted in another lower leg injury.

Paramedics from East Midlands Ambulance Service were soon in attendance and …

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Cats Tor, Goyt Valley

The first of two “back to back” call outs on Friday afternoon took the team to the slopes below the ever-popular Cats Tor in the Goyt Valley where a paraglider had made a harder landing than usual, sustaining a lower leg injury in the process.

Team members were quickly on scene, and our casualty carers were able to assess the injury and prepare the pilot for a lengthy stretcher evacuation to the road head.

North West Ambulance Service crew were waiting here to transfer the casualty …

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Winnats Pass, Castleton

With so much snow falling in the Peak District the possibility of a callout increased, so it was no surprise when team members’ phones went off in the early hours of this morning. A road traffic collision had occurred in Winnats Pass, above Castleton, where recent snow had made driving conditions difficult.

 East Midlands Ambulance Service were in attendance and called the team to assist in the stretcher evacuation of some of the car passengers. The two casualties were wrapped up in our specialist bags to keep them warm and well supported, and then …

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Monsal Dale

 Despite the recent stormy weather, half-term was always likely to bring a callout, and so it was early afternoon on Saturday 20th February.

The team was informed that a group walking in Monsal Dale had suffered a mishap, with one of the accompanying adults slipping in mud, sustaining an injury to the upper arm. Two response vehicles were quickly on scene, and team members made their way to the casualty site.

Pain relief was administered to the casualty to help with the lift onto the stretcher and the …

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Mam Tor Road, Castleton

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called out as part of the joint snatch arrangements with Edale Mountain Rescue Team. Derbyshire Police had been informed that a 62 year old male walker had tripped and fallen in the area below Mam Tor near the old road.

A series of landslips over the years has made this old road impassable to vehicles but very popular with walkers and especially those with a keen interest in geomorphology.

The casualty was found quickly, suffering from a lower limb injury and the effects of …

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Lightwood Reservoir, north of Buxton

With a clear blue sky and sunshine, folk left home to make the most of the good weather after what seems to be weeks of wind and rain, and so it was that the team had a callout to a popular local scenic spot.

The casualty was a young person enjoying a cross-country run in the company of some friends, but a muddy path got in the way of the fun resulting in a tumble and an injury to the arm of the runner.

East Midlands Ambulance Service was called, and Buxton …

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Dovedale, Nr Ilam

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team were called out early Sunday afternoon to assist a walker who had injured their ankle in Dovedale. Dovedale is not our usual area and we were covering the Dovedale area for our colleagues in Derby MRT, whilst they were engaged on another task elsewhere. Being able to provide cover for each other is an important part of all of the teams abilities in the Peak District.

The lady had slipped and had injured her ankle. On arrival, she was assessed by team members and provided with pain relief, after which …

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