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Aldery Cliff, Earl Sterndale.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called by East Midlands Ambulance Service following the report of a climbing accident on the popular limestone outcrop at Aldery Cliff.

A very experienced rock climber had fallen approximately twelve metres onto the ground whilst abseiling from a ledge.  The 70 year old casualty from Nottingham sustained extensive injuries including suspected back, pelvic and leg fractures.  Medical treatment was started by the ambulance staff who were on scene first and then were quickly supported by team members as they arrived.

The gentleman was then carried a short distance to …

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Hollins Cross

Friday the 13th proved quite lucky for one young lady who stumbled and sustained a head injury, but not as seriously as first thought.

The joint snatch squad of the Edale and Buxton rescue teams was called to an incident near to Hollins Cross, just above Castleton.  A teenager, part of a school group from the Doncaster area, had been walking the ridge when the accident occurred.  Given the potential seriousness of the incident, the Derbyshire Rutland and Leicester Air Ambulance was also called.

Initial casualty examination carried out …

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Jacob’s Ladder, Edale Valley.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called following a request from a group of nine adult walkers from the Nottingham area.

It had been a beautiful clear, hot and sunny day but as darkness fell the group became disorientated whilst still on Kinder Scout.  The Duty Controller, using smart phone technology, was able to fix their location as being at the head of Jacob’s Ladder and was able to give them advice.  There were no injuries reported so just two members of the rescue team were dispatched in a …

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Soloman’s Temple, Grinlow Park, Buxton

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called by East Midlands Ambulance Service following the report of an elderly gentleman having collapsed at the scenic view-point of Soloman’s Temple above Buxton.

The ambulance crew were already on site as was the Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air-ambulance.   Team members climbed quickly from the rendezvous point at Grinlow car-park to where the man was already in the care of the aircraft doctor.  They then assisted in the short stretcher carry to the nearest flat piece of ground where the aircraft had …

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Rushop Edge, near Castleton

A 63 year old man from Cromer, Norfolk, had been paragliding from Rushop Edge when he dropped to the ground sustaining significant injuries.

The Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air-ambulance was first on scene quickly followed by twenty members of the joint Buxton and Edale mountain rescue teams’ snatch squad.  Immediate medical treatment was by the aircraft doctor assisted by a B.M.R.T. paramedic.

The injuries were suspected to be so serious that unnecessary movement may cause further problems.  A Coastguard helicopter from Hull was called to assist and was able to winch up the casualty directly from site.  Once on board the man was then …

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Edale Mountain Rescue Team was called to reports of a fallen climber at Stanage.  Due to it being midweek, the number of local team members available was expected to be low so Buxton M.R.T was also called.  However, due to the travelling distance to Stanage, Buxton could only offer one member close enough to be effective.

An Edale team doctor and paramedic treated the young man, immobilising his injuries and administering pain relief.  Further team members helped facilitate the technical evacuation down the boulder field to the waiting air ambulance.

A short …

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Lathkill Dale near Monyash

A full team call-out for Buxton Mountain Rescue Team following a request for assistance from East Midlands Ambulance Service.

Team members were barely out of the door when a further message was received indicating that an air-ambulance was on scene and that the rescue team could stand-down.

No further details known.

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Kinder Scout, Southern Edge path

Kinder Mountain Rescue Team was first to be alerted to an injured 28 year old female walker on the Kinder edge path somewhere between Noe Stool and Pym’s Chair.

Kinder team sent a vehicle with a small party via the rough track from Hayfield to Edale Cross from where the essential equipment was carried towards the casualty.

Buxton M.R.T. was still in the area having just concluded a task on Rushop Edge with Edale …

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Rushop Edge

Buxton and Edale Mountain Rescue Teams called by East Midlands Ambulance Service to assist a male paraglider on Rushup edge, near Castleton.

His canopy had collapsed causing him to fall approximately  10 metres sustaining suspected injuries to his back, pelvis and possibly internal injuries to the abdomen.   The Derbyshire Rutland and Leicestershire Air-ambulance was on scene before team members and medical treatment was carried out by the crew of the aircraft.

Owing to the potential seriousness of the injuries, team members wasted no time in helping to prepare …

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Shuttlingsloe, Macclesfield Forest.

Team called by North West Ambulance Service to an incident on Shuttlingsloe in the Wildboarclough area near Macclesfield.

Vehicles and team members were responding when a “Stand Down” was received about fifteen minutes later.

No details of the incident are yet known.

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