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The Roaches

At 15.45 pm Buxton Mountain Rescue Team received a call reporting that a rock climber was stuck on the face of The Roaches.  The team call-out system was activated and two vehicles were turning out when five minutes later a second call reported the climber to be now safe and on the ground.

Team stood down with no active involvement.

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Ramshaw Rocks, near The Roaches

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called by West Midlands Ambulance Service at nearly midnight to assist with the recovery of a 45 year old female from Newcastle=under-Lyme who had dialled 999 asking for help.

The lady had walked alone and with the aid of crutches to the summit of Ramshaw Rocks but was unable to make the return journey.  Staffordshire police and West Midlands Ambulance Service responded in the first instance but had difficulty in locating the lady. Fortunately, an eagle-eyed police officer spotted the screen light of her mobile phone.  W.M.A.S. then activated at Hazardous Area Response Team travelling from Birmingham …

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Horseshoe Quarry, Stoney Middleton

A 31 year old female climber from Sale, Manchester, took about a 4 metre fall from a route in Horseshoe Quarry resulting a significant rope swing into the rock-face.  Fortunately the lady was wearing a climbing helmet which took the brunt of the impact but still left her with suspected head and neck injuries.

Members of the Joint Buxton and Edale Mountain Rescue Snatch Squad assisted air ambulance paramedics to treat and carry the casualty to where the aircraft had been able to land in the quarry basin.  She …

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Cave Dale, Castleton

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called as part of the Joint Team Snatch Squad incident to a 28 year old male who had suffered a medical collapse in Cavedale, Castleton.

The casualty was initially treated by team members and later by paramedics from the Derbyshire, Leicester and Rutland Air Ambulance which landed a short distance away.   The nature of the casualty’s condition indicated that transport to hospital would be best by road ambulance so he was carried on a mountain rescue stretcher down the dale into Castleton.  He was then taken to a Stockport hospital …

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Crowden Brook

Buxton and Edale Teams were called to rendezvous at Tipps Car Park, Upper Booth, near Edale following a reports of an injured walker in Crowden Brook.

A 49 year old man from Biddulph, Staffs had been descending Crowden Brook with his daughter when he fell whilst crossing a stream sustaining a fracture/dislocation of his shoulder and elbow.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance attended but couldn’t land near to the incident site due to the nature of the terrain.  However, both a doctor and paramedic were dropped off to provide immediate treatment to the casualty.  Team members …

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Grindslow Knoll

Buxton and Edale Joint Snatch Squad called to Edale for the second successive day.  

A man from Sheffield had been taking part in a fell race when he unfortunately lost his footing on a rocky section of path at the top of Grindslow Knoll. Fortunately he suffered the fall near to a Marshals check-point and they were quickly able to raise the alarm for assistance. Members of Edale team were fundraising at Edale Country Day and were able to quickly respond on to the hill.  Once …

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Grindsbrook, Edale.

A school field “trip” triggered a call-out for the Joint Team Snatch Squad to the lower part of Grindsbrook near Edale.

A fifteen year old student from Leicester, on a school geography field course, slipped on a boulder causing injury to her leg.  Appropriate first aid was rendered by team members before she was placed on a stretcher for the short carry back through Grindsbrook Meadows to Edale village.  An East Midlands Midlands ambulance soon arrived to take the girl to a children’s hospital in Sheffield.


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Blue John – Winnats Head

A call for the Joint Edale / Buxton Team’s Snatch Squad following a request from East Midlands Ambulance Service.  Initial information regarding the exact location of the incident was misleading but the teams eventually rendezvoused at Blue John Cavern, Castleton.

A 59 year old man from Bollington near Macclesfield had been injured whilst landing his paraglider on the hillside above the cavern.  Team members and ambulance paramedics were quickly with the casualty who was treated for a compound ankle fracture.  He was then placed on a rescue stretcher …

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A Joint Snatch Squad callout to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service dealing with female walker who had slipped descending a track near to Greenwood Farm, Hathersage.

She was treated for a suspected leg/ankle fracture by the crew of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance before being carried for a short distance on a mountain rescue stretcher.

A short duration call-out off Buxton’s normal patch and, although several members were on route, only two arrived in time to assist with the evacuation.

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