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Shacklow Woods, Wye Dale

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to rendezvous at White Lodge car-park near the Ashford in the Water following a report to East Midlands Ambulance Service of man having collapsed with a potential heart problem.   The man had been walking with family in Great Shacklow Woods when the problem occurred.    Given the serious nature of the call, Edale Mountain Rescue Team was also called to ensure a fast response with sufficient members.

Treatment on scene was by E.M.A.S. paramedics before the casualty, a 56 year old man …

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Moneyash, near Ricklow Dale.

Eighteen members of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team responded quickly when called to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service attending a female casualty on a footpath near to Ricklow Dale.

The lady had been crossing a wall when she fell backwards about 1 metre sustaining a possible serious back injury.

Casualty treatment was by an E.M.A.S. paramedic assisted by team members.  The 56 year old lady from Nottingham was placed in a special body splint before being carried by stretcher to the road were the ambulance was waiting.  She was then …

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Rainow Road, Kerridge, Macclesfield.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team placed on stand-by to assist Kinder Mountain Rescue Team with a search for a missing vulnerable person.   Team vehicle drivers attended the bases but there was no other action by Buxton team which was stood down at 11.15 hrs.   See Kinder M.R.T. web-site for incident 18/10/2014.

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Errwood Hall, Goyt Valley

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service following a report of a lady having slipped and injured her leg in Shooters Clough above the Goyt Valley.

Shooters Clough is a remote area but on arrival in the Goyt the team was relieved to learn that the casualty was actually near to Errwood Hall, much closer the road than first thought!  An ambulance paramedic was first on scene to commence first aid whilst team members made their way up hill with a stretcher other medical kit.

The lady …

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Whitemoor Clough, Upper Booth

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called following a report of a lady having suffered a medical collapse whilst walking from Rushop Edge down Whitemoor Clough. The incident site was only about half a kilometre from a track but involved a relatively steep ascent.

The 64 year old lady, part of a rambling club from Newmarket, was helped in the first instance by medical people who were part of the walking group.   On arrival of the team the casualty was assessed by a team paramedic before being placed on a rescue stretcher …

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The Roaches, Staffordshire

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called by West Midlands Ambulance Service following the report of an injured climber stranded on the rock-face.  Team members were on their way within moments of the call but it was West Midlands Air-ambulance which was on scene first.  It was then revealed that the 25 year old climber from Cheshire was actually on the ground but had sustained a significant head injury.

The man had been leading Elegy on the lower tier when he fell from near the top of the 16 metre E2 …

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Winnats Pass – near Speedwell Cavern

Fifteen members of the Joint Edale and Buxton Team Snatch Squad responded when called to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service already on scene at an incident just a 100 metres from Speedwell Cavern.

A lady, from Macclesfield supervising  a school party, had slipped in the damp conditions and sustained a suspected fracture to the ankle.  First aid treatment was by E.M.A.S. staff before the casualty was placed on a rescue stretcher for the short but steep decent to the ambulance.   She was then taken to a Macclesfield hospital for further treatment.

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Goyt Valley

A call at 17.00 hours from East Midlands Ambulance Service requesting assistance with a injured walker in the Goyt Valley caused some initial resource problems.  The incident was squarely in Buxton team’s operational area but twenty members were already committed to a search on Kinder Scout.  A second radio-pager call-out raised eight members who had been unable to attend the search but were now available.   A team vehicle with the necessary rescue equipment was diverted from the Kinder search and Kinder MRT was also able to call on five extra members to assist.  Knowing that the Goyt incident was …

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Kinder Scout

Kinder and Buxton Mountain Rescue Teams called out when a man reported himself and partner lost on Kinder plateau.  The mid-afternoon call started when the man and woman from Lincolnshire phoned the police stating they had gone on to Kinder via Jacobs Ladder but had become disorientated in the thick low cloud and drizzle.   They were not in any immediate danger so initially just the two rescue teams were called together with two search dogs.

Whilst a direct mobile phone had been lost the police had been able to establish a rough area from which the call had been made …

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Kinder Scout

The Full Kinder Search Plan was activated to locate a 22 year old man reported to be lost on the Kinder plateau.  The man was known to be a fit and experienced walker who had already had a long day starting his walk in the Derwent Valley.  His last phone contact with relatives placed him in the darkness somewhere on Kinder Scout and in thick low cloud and driving rain.

The call came just ten minutes after team members had stood down from the previous four hour search of the plateau.  However, twenty-six Buxton members responded to the call returning to …

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