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Monksdale, Tideswell

The second call to be received relating to the icy weather was to assist a disabled couple stranded in the Monks Dale area near Tideswell.

Four members in two team 4×4 vehicles were dispatched from the rescue base at Dove Holes and spent three hours combing all the minor roads in the area.  It was a slow job in the freezing conditions which turned the road surface into sheets of ice.

Despite an extensive search no trace of the couple was found and the members went to the aid of those other team members still working in the Goyt Valley.  see incident 76.


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Goyt Valley

The first real signs of winter caused havoc in the Goyt Valley on Saturday night.  Just a few millimetres of frozen snow lying on the untreated minor roads turned them into to skating rinks.  All was quiet during the day but just turned 9.00 pm two calls were received virtually simultaneously.

The first call came when Derbyshire police requested Buxton Mountain Rescue Team to assist two motorists reported to be stranded in the Goyt Valley near to Errwood Hall.

The team responded with its latest all-wheel drive response vehicle and a number of members in their private 4×4 …

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Cave Dale

The Buxton Mountain Rescue team along with colleagues from Edale M.R.T. was  called to Cave Dale, Castleton following reports of a fallen climber.  

A 21 year old male had been scrambling on the limestone outcrop when he suffered a fall.  A rescue team doctor and paramedic treated the man for a variety of complaints before he was placed on a stretcher and carried down to Castleton.  An East Midlands ambulance was waiting to transfer the casualty to a Sheffield hospital..

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Blue John Cavern, Castleton

A report of an elderly male visitor having collapsed below ground in Blue John Cavern, near Castleton, caused twenty rescuers from Buxton Mountain Rescue Team, Edale Mountain Rescue Team and Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation, to rendezvous at the famous show cave.

Early reports suggested he was deeper in the cavern than was actually correct and East Midlands Ambulance staff were able to access the patient to make an assessment.   Following rest and treatment the 77 year old man from Burnley was assisted back to the surface for a more thorough examination in the ambulance.

There was no real work for the rescuers and many were able …

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The Roaches

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called by the West Midlands Air-ambulance to assist in the evacuation of a casualty from The Roaches, Staffordshire.

A 37 year old female from Hackney had fallen 3 – 4 metres whilst “bouldering” sustaining a suspected fracture of an ankle.  The lady was treated by air-ambulance crew before she was placed on a rescue stretcher to be carried by team members to the aircraft waiting some distance away.  Following transfer into the helicopter the casualty was airlifted to The Royal Stoke Hospital….

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Buxton and Edale Mountain Rescue Teams called to rendezvous in Edale village following the report of a lady having slipped resulting in a foot  injury.

A lady from Northwich, Cheshire, stumbled whilst walking in Grindsbrook causing a foot injury which prevented her from continuing her journey.  Being unable to weight bear, a stretcher evacuation was the only answer but no easy task from the confluence of Grindsbrook river and the Fox Holes springs.  Following treatment from team first-aiders the lady was placed on a rescue stretcher before twenty members …

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Pin Dale, Castleton

A few members of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to assist Edale MRT when its initial call-out system failed to raise sufficient numbers to deal with an incident in Pin Dale.  However, responses quickly increased and Buxton team was stood down with members still on route.

See Edale website incident number 115.

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Fough Farm, Hollinsclough.

Immediately on arrival at the previous incident, Buxton MRT was re-tasked to Fough Farm, Hollinsclough, following the report of a 77 year old man suffering a suspected heart problem.

Members already at Speedwell Cavern turned around whilst those still travelling were diverted by text message and radio calls.

An elderly gentleman from Newark had collapsed whilst walking with friends on a remote track between Hollinsclough village and Booth Farm.   Derbyshire Leicestershire & Rutland Air-ambulance was arriving on scene at the same time as the first team members.  The casualty was quickly assessed …

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Cave Dale, Castleton.

Edale and Buxton Mountain Rescue Teams called to rendezvous at Speedwell Cavern following a report from a walker of a party needing assistance.

A walker reported that a group of young people on the hillside were blowing whistles and waving for assistance.  It took a little time to locate the group which was actually in Cave Dale.  Only then was it established that, although one of them had a minor ankle injury, mountain rescue assistance was not required.  The group were able to make their own way off the hill to rendezvous with their group organisers.

It should be said that the bystander who spotted the group …

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Mam Tor

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called together with Edale Mountain Rescue Team following the report of a man stuck on the shale face of Mam Tor.

A family from Warrington were on the summit when their dog fell down the steep face coming to rest part way down.  A family member attempted to descend the face to help the dog but became stuck as the loose shale started to crumble away.  First rescuers on scene were from Edale team who reassured the man and coxed him to safety.  The dog also managed to …

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