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Dane Valley

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called by West Midlands Ambulance Service to an incident involving an elderly man somewhere in the Dane Valley between Wincle and Rushton Spencer.

The area is very remote and devoid of easy road access.  Information was confusing from the start but the casualty was finally located by an air-ambulance.  The aircraft and crew were able to deal with the incident and rescue team members were stood down.


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Win Hill

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called out alongside Edale M.R.T. to an incident on Win Hill above Ladybower Reservoir.

A gentleman had started to experience chest pains whilst out walking.  The Derbyshire Rutland and Leicester Air-ambulance also attend together with a Yorkshire Ambulance Service Paramedic.  Following assessment and immediate treatment the gentleman was carried by rescue stretcher down to where the air-ambulance had been able to land.

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Burbage Valley

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to assist Edale M.R.T.  dealing with a 55 year old female walker.

The lady had sustained an injury to her left knee and was unable to continue with her walk.  Initial treatment was given by an East Midlands Ambulance Service paramedic and team members before she was carried on a rescue stretcher back to the road where an ambulance was waiting.

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Combs Moss

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to Combs Moss following the report of a man suffering chest pain.  The report also triggered a response from an E.M.A.S. Paramedic First Responder and an E.M.A.S. Paramedic Response car and the North West Air-ambulance.

A 69 year old man had been walking with friends on a round of the moor when he stumbled and tumbled about three metres into a gully.   Team members climbed steeply from Pye Greave Farm up to the casualty site arriving at the same time as the air-ambulance.  The …

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Roman Road, Win Hill to Hope Cross

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team and Edale M.R.Ts called to rendezvous at Town Head Bridge, Hope.

A 16 year old mountain biker was descending the Roman Road towards Hope when she took a tumble and sustained upper body injuries.  The rescue teams used 4 x 4 vehicles to access the incident site and were able to assist E.M.A.S. paramedics in treating the casualty.   The young lady was then carried by stretcher for some considerable distance back to Town Head Bridge where an ambulance was waiting.


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Hollins Cross

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team, together with Edale M.R.T. called to assist an elderly lady who was unable to continue her walk to Hollins Cross owing to a medical incident.

Following treatment the lady was placed on a stretcher and carried down the hill towards Castleton where an ambulance was waiting to convey her to hospital.

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Chatsworth Park

Chatsworth Park hosts Chatsworth Country Fair, an annual, three day event attracting tens of thousands of people on each day.  Buxton Mountain Rescue Team, as a fundraising event, has been helping the fair organisers for over thirty years and the team has members on sight throughout the weekend.  Whilst the team’s principal task is to sell programs it is often called upon help with the myriad of problems which are bound to arise with so many people attending the show.  Minor injuries and lost children are regular occurrences but occasionally an event develops into something a little more serious.

On Friday, the first day of the 2016 event, …

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Edale Valley

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team and Edale M.R.T. called to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service with an
incident in the Edale Valley.
A female walker had been descending the footpath near to Greenlands Farm on the south side of the Edale Valley, when she slipped on the muddy surface sustaining a suspected fractured ankle.  She was treated on site by the ambulance crew but however the team members were required to carry the …

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Cave Dale, Castleton.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team and Edale M.R.T. were called to Castleton by East Midlands Ambulance Service on Bank Holiday Monday following a report of an injured hill-walker in Cave Dale.

Team members and ambulance paramedics located the twenty-five year old male from Canterbury in the upper parts of the dale.  The casualty with his friends had …

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Shutlingsloe, Wildboarclough

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to support West Midlands Ambulance Service and an air-ambulance dealing with an elderly patient with a minor head injury near to the summit of Shutlingsloe.

When team members arrived the air-ambulance was already in attendance and had been able to land close to the casualty.   So there was little for team members to do other than walk back down to Wildboarclough.

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