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Grindsbrook, Edale

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called along with Edale M.R.T. following the report of three casualties in the upper parts of Grindbrook.  Initial information was sketchy but, with the thoughts of three stretcher evacuations from one of the most difficult areas of Kinder, a Coastguard S-92 helicopter was also alerted.

A total of thirty-five rescuers responded to the call and three independent sets of rescue equipment were dispatched up Grindsbrook from Edale.  At the same …

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Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to support Cheshire Search & Rescue following the report of a three year old child missing in the Style area of Wilmslow.  Whilst seventeen members responded few got further than their front door as the child was found safe and well minutes after the initial call.

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Slippery Stones, Upper Derwent Valley

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to support Edale M.R.T. following a call from East Midlands Ambulance Service.

A 999 call had reported an accident at Slippery Stones in the Upper Derwent Valley involving a twelve year old girl.  The girl had been jumping into rock pools when a slip resulted in a black injury.  She was treated on site by rescuers and paramedics before being carried by stretcher to where Helimed 54 had been able to land.  She was then airlifted to Sheffield Childrens’ Hospital for further assessment.

Photo …

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Lathkill Dale.

A joint call-out for Edale and Buxton Mountain Rescue Teams following the report of a 50 year old lady from Totley, Sheffield, having slipped and injured her ankle.

The Derbyshire, Leicester & Rutland Air-ambulance was already in attendance but the steep sided valleys of Cales Dale and Lathkill Dale meant that the aircraft could not land close enough to the casualty to be effective.

The two teams rendezvoused at One Ash Grange Farm and members then descended in to Cales Dale with the rescue equipment.  The lady had been crossing a stile at a footbridge when a simple slip resulted in a potential fractured ankle.  Following …

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Miller’s Dale.

For the third time in three days Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called to rendezvous at Miller’s Dale Station.  This time the team was backed up by members of Edale M.R.T. as part of the daytime joint team snatch squad system.

East Midlands Ambulance Service called for assistance when a report was received of a female walker having sustained an ankle injury whilst walking by the river side in Chee Dale.   Nearest access to the casualty was from the Monsal trail and rescue team members were quickly deployed from one of the bridges crossing the river.  Team members carried out initial medical treatment …

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Miller’s Dale.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to rendezvous at Miller’s Dale Station following a request from the ambulance service to assist with an injured female.

A young lady had taken a tumble whilst walking on the upper path off the Monsal Trail towards Cressbrook.  An East Midlands Paramedic First-responder was soon on scene followed by a team vehicle carry the necessary rescue. equipment.  The casualty had suffered a suspected fractured ankle and, following the administration of pain relief, the joint was splinted.  A short but tricky carry out required the use of ropes to stabilise the rescue stretcher.  However, the lady was soon on the main …

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Miller’s Dale.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to rendezvous at Miller’s Dale Station on the Monsal Trail following the report of a climbing accident.

A 54 year old gentleman from the Buxton area had fallen about twelve feet whilst climbing near to Litton tunnel just off the trail.  He was treated on site by team members for back and wrist pain before being placed on a rescue stretcher.

After a short carry to the Monsal track he was taken back to the station car-park by a team ambulance where an East Midlands Ambulance Service vehicle was waiting.  Following a lengthy assessment by E.M.A.S. staff the casualty was transferred to hospital via helicopter.

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Bradwell Edge

Edale and Buxton Mountain Rescue Teams were called jointly to Bradwell Edge to a incident involving a injured Paraglider.  Buxton members’ response was frustrated by a road closure which meant a considerable diversion in order to attend the scene.

An unfortunate pilot got into difficulties upon take off causing a crash which resulted in him suffering back injuries.   The casualty was initially treated by Edale members and when the casualty had been stabilised he was prepared for a short evacuation to the road-head for onward transport to hospital.

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Cave Dale, Castleton.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team, together with Edale M.R.T, was called to Cave Dale in Castleton to assist a mountain biker who had taken a bad fall.

Edale M.R.T. had members close by covering the Severn Trent Mountain Challenge who were able to provide a quick response and deliver much needed pain relief.  As other team members arrived the casualty was protected from the rain and cold as treatment for her suspected shoulder dislocation began.  Following treatment the casualty, a lady from Heaton Chapel, Stockport, was carried by stretcher down Cave Dale and to an East Midlands Ambulance for transport to hospital.


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The Roaches, Upper Hulme

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team alerted by Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service to an incident involving gentleman from Uttoxeter.

The gentleman was walking with friends when a pre-existing medical condition caused him to stumble and rendered unable to continue.  Firefighters from Staffordshire FRS were on exercise close by and were able to offer immediate assistance.  A West Midlands Ambulance First-responder unit also attended the incident.

Twelve mountain rescue members responded to the call and quickly climbed to the scene with the necessary evacuation equipment.  However, with all the medical …

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