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The Woolpacks, Kinder Scout

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called following a report to police of a man having been injured whilst walking in the Woolpacks area on Kinder Scout.  The 54 year old gentleman from Clay Cross had been walking with a friend when stumble resulted in a suspected fracture of the ankle.

Dense low cloud prevented any assistance from a helicopter so team members had to carry the stretcher and medical equipment up to the accident site.  Following …

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Miller’s Dale

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called to Miller’s Dale to help Archie, a Golden Labrador.

Archie finds walking along the old railway line with his owners a bit boring and prefers to go chasing rabbits instead.  It was such a chase that landed him in trouble when he found himself stranded on a steep craggy piece of ground, unable to move backwards or forwards.  Despite coaxing he knew better than to attempt the jump and patiently waited for rescue.

It was 3.30pm when the team was alerted by …

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Mam Tor near Castleton.

A joint call for Buxton and Edale mountain rescue teams following a report from East Midlands Ambulance Service of an accident on the slopes of Mam Tor near Castleton.

A 52 year old lady from Long Eaton, Nottingham, had slipped whilst walking and sustained a suspected leg fracture.  Medical treatment and pain relief was administered by a paramedic member of Edale team whilst other team members prepared a rescue stretcher for the evacuation.

Following a short carry down hill onto the old Mam Tor the casualty was handed over to the care of an East Midlands ambulance crew for transfer to hospital.

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Dane Valley near to Wincle.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was requested to help West Midlands Ambulance Service with a casualty who had been walking on the Dane Valley Way near to Wincle.

The team was already engaged on a call-out at Teggs Nose so additional members were called to arrive at Dane Bridge, Wincle, in advance of the team vehicles which were close behind.  The location of the accident site meant a walk in of over a kilometre for members with the equipment but quickly rendezvoused with ambulance paramedics already treating the casualty.

A fifty-two year …

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Teggs Nose Country Park

A full team call-out for Buxton Mountain Rescue Team following a request from North West Ambulance Service to assist with a casualty at Teggs Nose Country Park near Macclesfield.

The recent heavy rain had made many of the paths very slippery resulting in a tumble for a 45 year old lady from Siddington.  Paramedics from North West Ambulance Service and the North West Air-ambulance were first on scene to treat her leg injury but required assistance to transfer the casualty from the scene to the aircraft waiting on …

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Kinder Scout

Buxton, Edale and Kinder mountain rescue teams were called following the report of a 75 year old man from the Stockport area lost on Kinder Scout.

Three search and rescue dogs were also tasked to help locate the man when concerns for the man’s safety grew as darkness fell.  The moor was enveloped in thick low cloud reducing visibility to around fifty metres making searching very difficult.  Information gained from other walkers descending off the moor concentrated the search on the southern edge path and the Grindslow Knoll area.

Following about two hours of searching members of Kinder team located the man …

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Greater Manchester Flooding

Eight members of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team with specialist skills took part in a joint Peak District regional mountain rescue response to assist with the severe flooding in Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Buxton members with two team vehicles joined with members from all the other Peak teams when called to assist in a coordinated multi agency action to help evacuate people at risk in the areas threatened by the rising waters.  Buxton members were first tasked to assist Oldham team at …

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Kinder Scout

Buxton and Edale mountain rescue teams called out together with a Search and Rescue Dog when four young ladies reported themselves lost on Kinder.

The group, all from the Stockport area, became benighted without lights or spare clothing when darkness fell.  Following a telephone conversation with the group, the Edale team leader strongly suspected them to be stranded in the Grindslow Knoll area.  As predicted, the search dog handler sent into Grindsbrook spotted a feint light on the summit and it wasn’t long before a Buxton search section was able to locate the group.

Despite the unusually mild conditions there was a severe wind chill and …

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Monksdale, Tideswell

The second call to be received relating to the icy weather was to assist a disabled couple stranded in the Monks Dale area near Tideswell.

Four members in two team 4×4 vehicles were dispatched from the rescue base at Dove Holes and spent three hours combing all the minor roads in the area.  It was a slow job in the freezing conditions which turned the road surface into sheets of ice.

Despite an extensive search no trace of the couple was found and the members went to the aid of those other team members still working in the Goyt Valley.  see incident 76.


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Goyt Valley

The first real signs of winter caused havoc in the Goyt Valley on Saturday night.  Just a few millimetres of frozen snow lying on the untreated minor roads turned them into to skating rinks.  All was quiet during the day but just turned 9.00 pm two calls were received virtually simultaneously.

The first call came when Derbyshire police requested Buxton Mountain Rescue Team to assist two motorists reported to be stranded in the Goyt Valley near to Errwood Hall.

The team responded with its latest all-wheel drive response vehicle and a number of members in their private 4×4 …

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