Trainee membership

BMRT currently have sufficient operational members and do not anticipate taking any further applications until early 2024 for the next trainee intake.

However any interested medical professional living in or very close to our operational area is welcome to contact to possibly further strengthen our existing medical team.

Watch this space for further announcements of changes in the future.

We’re still glad you’re thinking about joining us. Mountain rescue is a challenging and rewarding activity. Working alongside other responsive emergency services you will be providing a real service in the Peak District.

Membership of BMRT is not something to be considered lightly; despite our being unpaid volunteers, the police and public expect a professional standard of service. We are held in high regard and maintaining this reputation depends on the full commitment of its members. Joining the team will cost you time and money; you will suffer inconvenience, get wet, cold, tired and find yourself in potentially dangerous situations. Your safety and that of others will depend on your personal skills and your ability to work as part of a team.

Basic requirements

To succeed, applicants will:

  • be at least eighteen years of age
  • live within the team’s operational area which means a 25mins drive from Buxton or closer
  • have a sound knowledge of hill-craft, particularly navigation, with the ability to move safely and competently over mountain/moorland terrain in any weather day and night
  • possess sufficient personal clothing and equipment to withstand any weather conditions on high ground
  • be physically fit and endeavour to remain so
  • serve a probationary period of at least nine months.
  • commit to attending a very high percentage of training events during their first twelve months
  • achieve set standards of competence in a reasonable time
  • accept the need for discipline and be willing to carry out tasks when required by the leaders of the team or section
  • have a good degree of availability for attending call-outs
  • have suitable transport or other firm arrangements to attend incidents
  • be prepared to commit time and effort to ancillary jobs such as fundraising
  • appreciate the high standards of behaviour and personal integrity expected of them

BMRT Training Officer