Trainee member application form

We’re glad you’re thinking about joining us. Mountain rescue is a challenging and rewarding activity. If you have read through and feel you meet all of the requirements for trainee membership, please complete the form below. Alternatively, you can download a PDF application form if you prefer.

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    Experience and training

    You will be asked as part of your induction to undertake a hill craft/navigation test. This is done with map and compass alone and will cover map orientation; measuring both distance and time; contour interpretation and walking on a bearing. You will need to provide your own hill kit.

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    We will take up references if your application is successful. Please provide details of two people who are willing to act as referees. At least one must know you in a professional capacity and not be a family member.

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    Team training takes place every Thursday with some additional sessions at weekends. As a trainee you will be expected to attend a large number of these. Are you able to attend on a regular basis? *


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    I understand that mountain rescue is an active service that places considerable physical and mental pressures on those who participate; also, that it is my responsibility to inform the Team Leader or Training Officer of any health condition or change of health condition that may effect my safety and wellbeing whilst on mountain rescue training exercises and incidents or that may jeopardise the effective completion of a mountain rescue incident.
    I consent to photos and / or film taken during Mountain Rescue operations to be used and shared with external organisations
    I confirm that the information given in this form is true, complete and accurate

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    Any information kept from this form will be in a secure database. If your application is unsuccessful your application form will be deleted. This information will not be disclosed to any agencies outside mountain rescue.