The Annual General Meeting, and a word from our President.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team held its Annual General Meeting recently. To ensure the charity was able to safely hold the AGM, it was held, as is usual nowadays, online.

In a first for our Team, online voting was organised in a confidential manner, and a huge extra thank you to the team members who made that part of the AGM possible, in addition to the extra work required by the Team Secretary to organise the AGM. Don’t forget, these and many other team members and Trustees help to organise the running of the charity, do so in addition to being on hand, 24/7, to help those who need our specialist rescue skills.

At the AGM, Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was pleased to announce the appointment of Nigel Vardy as our new President. Nigel has been associated with the team for several years, and despite a busy schedule has been able to take part in a number of events with us. He brings to the team a huge breadth of experience of both mountaineering and acting as an ambassador for the great outdoors.

On being appointed as President, Nigel wrote the following piece. “I am delighted to have been elected as President of the Buxton Mountain Rescue Team. It is a great honour, and I will do my very best to support and promote them and their excellent work. I’m Derbyshire born and bred and spent my childhood enjoying the Peak District; this has given me a great love for the outdoors and the wonderful benefits it brings. I have always been a strong believer in fresh air, open spaces and exercise – aspects that have been vital over the recent COVID pandemic.

I’ve climbed mountains in many of the world’s great ranges, raced across glaciers, lived in tropical jungles, boiled, frozen, fallen, sunk and even been reported missing. I also have extensive experience in both international relief and charity work. These adventures have given me contacts in the national and international press which will be of great benefit to the promotion of the team.

I’ve supported Mountain Rescue for many years and first became connected with the Buxton Team in 2015. Since then, I have helped with fundraising, team training and social events. I look forward to working more closely with everyone and highlighting the astounding work they do”.

Rather than try to list his accomplishments and experience it is simpler to direct our followers to his links below so they can see for themselves how Nigel’s future involvement with the team will help promote both our work, and mountain rescue in general. Welcome to the team Nigel!

Nigel Vardy FRGShttps://www.mrfrostbite.comMountain Rescue England and WalesPeak District Mountain Rescue Organisation – PDMROPeak District National Park

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