Scouts summit Everest

On a freezing day in November 2012, thirty scouts from the 59th New Chapel Scouts Group in Packmoor, near Stoke, set off to conquer Everest, the world’s highest mountain. They didn’t have too far to travel as the climb was to be made at the Kilnworx indoor climbing wall in Burslem. The climb took all day but eventually they succeeded in climbing the equivalent of 8,849 metres (29,029 feet), the height of Everest (and no frostbite!).


The event was all about raising money and when all the sponsorship was counted it totalled £600. £300 will go into scout funds and £300 was generously donated to Buxton Mountain Rescue Team.  

Team members visited the scout group on Friday night to receive the donation and to present the scouts with a Certificate of Appreciation for all their hard work. The scouts, leaders, and parents had an opportunity to try some of the teams equipment and find out how search dogs sniff out a missing person.


(Photo credits: Yolanda Blane)

1. Team Chairman, Roger Bennett, receives the donation and presents a certificate of appreciation to Andy Lawton, Scout Leader.

2. Team Equipment Officer, Dave Philips, shows how a casualty is safely loaded into a rescue stretcher.

3. Saying “Thanks” to the young climbers.


  1. Rachel Hawthorne

    As a parent of a cub that took part in the climb and a parent that was there on Friday evening, well done and thank you to Buxton Mountain Rescue for giving the cubs, scouts and explorers an insight to what Mountain Rescue do. Am sure all of them found it interesting.

  2. Jin Kilnworx

    It was a real pleasure to see so many take part. I should mention that a extra thanks goes to all the scouts leaders, Andy and Matt spring to mind and other volunteers who worked behind the scenes, to ensure the challenge was completed and enjoyed. Well done.

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