Macclesfield gives magnificently

Fundraising is an essential facet of life for members of mountain rescue teams. It is necessary to keep their services going. Organised street collections is one of the ways we achieve this, and on Sat. 7th Jul. Buxton MRT were in the market place of Macclesfield, a town whose surrounding countryside is part of our operational area.

True to form, the Macclesfield public were keenly interested in the work of mountain rescue operating in their neighbourhood. They chatted readily to the team members present, and took the opportunity for a close inspection of the specialist kit and vehicle we had with us.

The appearance of local MP, David Rutley,  was an additional draw. David Rutley is a keen climber, as well as the Vice Chairman on the All Party Parliamentary Group on Mountain Rescue. This promotes the virtues of mountain rescue and campaigns for improved support and awareness. Team members were very pleased that the local MP had created time to join us for part of the day to reinforce a mutual mission. This is not the first time we’ve seen David; he has previously visited our base at Dove Holes – and he hopes to fulfill a wish to join the team on exercise in the future.

With the support and generosity of the Macclesfield public, the team were able to raise the goodly sum of £523.50. This all goes towards annual running costs which are currently about £25,000. Although the team are all volunteers who freely give their time, and bear many personal costs towards the operation, medical equipment, first aid supplies, outdoor search and rescue kit, communications, and vehicle maintenance all require funding.

Standing on your feet outside weathering whatever the skies produce gives you a particular appreciation for dry shoes. Luckily, this was one of the few welcome days of sunshine this summer – well, mostly. The rain did show up late afternoon, but by that stage it did not matter.

The Team heartily thanks everyone for their support on the day.

Buxton MRT with MP, David Rutley, in Macclesfield

Photo credit: Allister Leggett

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