Cubs Learn the Ropes

Twenty cubs from the 14th Burbage Pack, Buxton, dropped in at the rescue team base at Dove Holes on Monday night for an opportunity to see what rescue is all about. 

After a brief talk and slide show introducing the budding new members to the work of the team they then met with one of the team’s newest members, Cap the search dog and his handler / trainer Malcolm Bowyer.  Cap was eager to show off his skills in a short demonstration of seach techniques around the rescue base and was an immediate favourite with all the visitors. 

Then it was time to get down to the serious business of learning how to treat a broken leg and how to load and carry a mountain rescue stretcher.  There was never any shortage of volunteers to be a practice casualty as older team members watched the new temporary members get to grips with splints and carrying slings.  Enthusiasm made up for lack of experience and the pack soon had one of their own trussed up and on the stretcher ready for a brief carry off.

The youngsters showed a great interest in the vehicles and all the equipment and arms were flying up all night as they all asked intelligent questions.  The night ended with all the cubs expressing a very loud thank-you to their hosts.

Talking to youth groups and other interested parties is all part of trying to educate people in the safe and sensible use of the outdoors.  We hope we have sown a few seeds that may germinate and become new operational members in a few years time.  Any local groups wishing to visit the base should contact us via email.

Following the visit team members were left to pack the gear away just in time for a call-out for an all night search of Milldale and Dove Dale near Ashbourne.

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