Closer working relationships…

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team are lucky to have close working relationships with many partner agencies and other voluntary rescue teams. This is particularly true of our close working relationship with Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation (DCRO). We do in fact share our Buxton Base with DCRO, where our emergency response vehicles are parked in adjacent garages at Buxton Fire and Rescue Centre, and we have worked closely on numerous callouts, training sessions, and even shared equipment and team members!

It doesn’t end there though. An agreement has just been put into place between the two teams, which will see Buxton MRT drivers trained to drive DCRO vehicles to emergency incidents. This will mean that between the two teams we can get help to casualties or missing persons more efficiently and reduce the need for our charities to pay for expensive driver training.

As has been the case for many charities, the Covid-19 Pandemic has had a huge impact on Buxton MRT’s fundraising income. With this in mind, closer working and initiatives such as this are likely to become increasingly important for the teams, and help to keep the cost down of providing the important voluntary rescue services, whether above, or below ground.

If you wish to support either or both BMRT od DCRO, please visit the respective websites.

We are genuinely appreciative of your support.

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