Chance to join an "Everest Expedition"

Ever wanted to scale the highest mountain in the world but daren’t use up that much family holiday time?
Ever wanted to stand on the world’s highest summit but you can’t afford another pair of long-johns?
Now is your opportunity of a life-time to join an expedition team which intends to complete the Himalayan challenge without the use of oxygen or woolly vests, guarantees not to get avalanched, and plans to do it all in under 12 hours! 
Base camp will be established at the Wirksworth Leisure Centre on Saturday 29th November to start the first of over 900 routes of the 10 metre climbing wall that will need to be scaled to achieve 8,850 metres of ascent before the summit flag can be planted.  Leading the expedition, and trying to raise a few coppers for Buxton Mountain Rescue Team, will be members of Derbyshire Police Climbing & Hill Walking Club. 
Go to  for more information and to support the event.

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