Can you help us replace one of our stretchers and casualty bags; if you can, read on…….

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team needs to replace one of its stretchers and is reaching out to the community to help fund the purchase. A stretcher recently failed a routine safety test which prevents us from using it on crag rescues or during helicopter winches. Failing a test certainly sounds alarming, and to us to have to replace it, it is; like many charities, our income is significantly down this year, so we’re asking you directly for help.

Stretchers are probably one of our most important pieces of equipment, and are used on almost every callout, capable of evacuating casualties in the most difficult of terrains, and in any weather. It is one of our “go to pieces of equipment”

Unlike those used by other emergency services, mountain rescue stretchers are specifically designed for use in remote areas and the hills, crags and and moorlands of the UK. They are made of steel and can be quickly assembled at a casualty site after being carried in to where needed in two parts.

When assembled the stretcher provides a rigid platform on which we place the injured person, usually wrapped up in casualty bag and vacuum mat; these two items keep the casualty warm and prevents movement. The rigidity of the stretcher is important if the casualty has suspected spinal injuries. The stretcher will then be carried out by team members or if required, winched into the Maritime and Coastguard helicopter if the injuries require a quick evacuation. Have a look at the photographs to see how we use them on callouts, or have a look at our youtube video about our stretchers too. If you give the youtube video a “like” or sign up to our videos, that would also help

Such versatility doesn’t come cheap, and even with a generous subsidy from Mountain Rescue England and Wales, (our governing body) we still need to raise £1800, plus a further £900 to fund the purchase of three casualty bags to keep our patients snuggly warm whilst on the stretcher.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team are looking to raise £2700 to ensure we’re ready and able to help you.

If you can help, please go to

Your generous donations will help us achieve our core aim which is to save life and alleviate stress by providing a volunteer-based search and rescue service in and around the Peak District.

Hope you can help and many thanks for your support.


  1. Linda Grooby

    I would love to make a donation from my County Council Community fund. If you would like to take up the offer and I hope you will. Just contact me. You can call me if you prefer. 07870652293.

  2. Richard Doran

    Hello Linda, thank you for your kind offer. I have emailed you and hope to talk soon. Thank You BMRTMedia

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