Buxton Mountain Rescue Team Live Sunday 25th April 2021 7.00pm (bst)

Sunday was a little bit different to the team’s normal weekend activities. We had a great time being media stars for the afternoon as we presented our first live media streaming event, with our “Buxton Mountain Rescue Team Live”.

The BMRT live event exceeded all of our expectations and was a credit to all the team’s volunteers and the production team from Sound Credit TV, who were supported by Crows Nest Films, were fantastic, we couldn’t have done it without them. Even our very own Bernard the dog, the team’s mascot made a rare appearance!

The team’s base at Dove Holes was turned into a large production set with the control room transformed into looking like something out of a sci-fi movie to a high tech production suite whilst the team’s training room was turned into a TV studio.

We wanted to not only showcase some of what Buxton Mountain Rescue team do, but to highlight what other mountain rescue teams around the Peak District and throughout the UK do too. In addition, we wanted to share how closely we work with other emergency services and highlight how important other voluntary emergency services including the RNLI and Lowland Search and Rescue teams help those in need.

We would like to offer our thanks to both Fraser and Ollie for their stories. They were rescued by the team several years ago and we were delighted to share with you how they’ve recovered from their injuries. I think this is something we can all draw inspiration from.

We’d also like to thank everybody who was interviewed in the studio, those that presented all the live demonstrations, the the support team member, Alyson for looking after everyone so well with the delicious catering and to Nigel Vardy, the team’s new president for sharing a great insight into his outdoor adventure career.

We did try to ask Tom Cruise, who was in the area locally filming the new Mission Impossible movie, but he was just way too busy to attend ?

So…how did this event come about?

We were contacted by Luke, a student from Salford University in 2019 to see if he could work with the team to produce a show for his degree course. After discussion with our own media mogul, Carney who runs his own production company, the live event concept was born.

There was so much work in the background going on to pull it all together including creating the short films called video tapes (VTs), the interviews with team members, checking the wifi strength, installing the appropriate power outlets, lighting, the catering and so much more…

In preparing, some of the team members had a fun day out in the city when they were invited to the media suite at Salford University to gain experience of the studio environment and to practice their interview techniques.

When filming the video around Ollie’s story, the team received a live callout so the film crew were able to experience what it was like to attend a real job.

After all the material was produced, the running order was pulled together and it was time to schedule in a date for the live event. The original date was set for late March 2020!

We all know what happened then, don’t we?!…yep, lockdown!

Sadly, we had to postpone the event. Luke had to complete his degree remotely, but still wanted to do the live event for us when circumstances allowed. Brilliant! Thanks Luke.

We decided in early 2021 that when restrictions allowed we would try again. A date was set for Sunday 25th April so with fingers crossed, we continued with the planning. When the government released the road map to lifting the restrictions there was a glimmer of hope…the rest is history as they say!

If you’d like to watch the broadcast, we’ve managed to save the video on both our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

So grab yourself a drink of your choice and click either of the links below to watch. We hope you enjoy…

YT: https://youtu.be/jwdNlV1Gqzk

FB: https://fb.watch/56lfPcLmhB/

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