Buxton Mountain Rescue Team has eyes in the sky.

The operation of the team’s drone section has been reviewed over the last couple of months. The drone pilots are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority and fly under strict operating rules that are laid down in our ‘Permission to fly Commercial Operations’ document.

It is a requirement that pilots maintain certain levels of competency, complete a specified minimum amount of flight time, and ensure operational safety. Recently, the drone section completed their first face to face training session for several months.

To reduce the possibility of the spread of Covid-19, we followed the rules and guidance regarding charities providing emergency services. Pilots and observers wore face masks, sanitised the equipment between use and kept 2 metres apart.

The team simulated a search for a missing person, over an area of scree slopes, old quarries, marsh land and sections of water, with the areas being searched quickly and efficiently.

The team is very grateful to the landowner for allowing the team to fly on their land.

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