Buxton MRT sends congratulations to award recipients.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team sends its “congratulations” to three members of mountain rescue who have been awarded recognition in the SteveHilditchMBE_edited-2Queen’s Birthday Honours for their voluntary work.  Dr Geoff Bowen of Langdale Ambleside MRT and John Hulse, Team Leader Ogwen Valley MRT both received an M.B.E..

The team sends special congratulations to Steve Hilditch, who recently stepped down as Team Leader of Derby Mountain Rescue Team after 34 years in the role, who was also awarded an M.B.E..

Steve has been a team member for over 46 years and after spending 34 years of that as team leader, continues to serve as a Deputy Team Leader. Steve was given this award in recognition of his dedication and service over many, many years, not just to Derby MRT, but to the Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation and to national mountain rescue in general.

Aside from mountain rescue, Steve has also been very heavily involved with the Scouting movement in Derbyshire and held many key positions over the his 44 years of service.  Steve recently stepped down as the County Advisor of Hill-Walking and Climbing in the region, responsible for the training and assessment of all instructors in these areas.

Steve has also been recognised for his service to many other charitable organisations that he has been involved with over the years.

Photo Credit:  Derby MRT.   Text from Derby MRT web site.  

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