• Call out for year: 42
  • Date: 25/07/20
  • Time: 11:36 pm
  • Grid ref:
  • Type of incident: Non mountain (Police) (2)
  • Team members involved:
  • Time taken:
  • Total man hours:

Incident report

As team members were sleeping soundly in their beds, the team received a request from Derbyshire Constabulary to assist with two missing walkers. They were walking back from Litton late in the evening, and were caught out by how dark it had become.

Unsure of their location, they did the sensible thing of staying where they were and ringing for help. Using phone technology, their exact location was soon confirmed and a few team members in a couple of vehicles were sent to meet them. They were in good spirits, and were taken onto their destination.

Team members then cleaned the vehicles before returning to bed to catch up on their beauty sleep!

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