Team member tackles First Aid

Mountains, dales or flat sports pitches, first aid is basically the same wherever you are: you never know when simple skills may be put to good ball

On Saturday 19th September a team member from Macclesfield was watching his son playing inter-school rugby when he witnessed a crunching tackle which left one of the King’s School players motionless on the pitch.  Having seen how the player had landed our man thought the worst may have occurred and immediately went to his aid.  With airway and breathing OK his next priority was to protect the boy’s neck and spine.  It was imperative that the player was not permitted to move until a spinal collar could be applied.  Other fractures were suspected but management of the spine was a priority to prevent further injury.

Fortunately ambulance paramedics arrived quickly and the casualty was loaded onto a special spinal injuries board for transport to hospital.

It was later revealed that there was no injury to the neck or spine but the boy had sustained a fractured collar bone and a fractured humerus. 

Did the team win?  Sorry, don’t know.

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