Rockets fired at Dove Holes!

The 5th of November!  Bonfire night and all are wefireworkslcome to the Dove Holes Community Association annual event.

The whole village turns out on this night so it pays to be early.  Gates open and the bonfire is lit at 7.00 pm with the firework display starting at 7.30 pm.   It’s a community event at which the team has been involved for over ten years and always goes with a bang!


  1. Tracey charles

    This event was advertised nowhere as a paying event.
    I feel it was a waste of money as the display was tame and over with as soon as it began. Dove holes need to be brought to account for this event and ripping off its community and its people.

  2. Team Rambler

    I regret you thought the fireworks display was not worth an entrance fee. I should point out that Buxton Mountain Rescue Team has absolutely no connection to the event other than its members help the Community Association in the spirit of being part of the community. Buxton MR has absolutely no control over the display or the entrance fees. Your comments should really be directed to Dove Holes Community Association. I have, since the event, noticed that Explore Buxton has issued an apology on its website for mistakenly advertising it as a Free Event.

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