Peak District Peat – don’t get stuck

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team wishes to warn hill walkers about the dangers of peat bogs on the high moorlands.

During the last six weeks we are aware of three incidents involving hill walkers trapped in peat bogs. The latest occurred on Saturday as one of our members was walking between Rushop Edge and Brown Knoll. An elderly gentleman walked into a bog and was soon up to his waist in the brown sticky, stinking, glue like peat bog. He managed to extricate himself, and although very wet and dirty, was fortunately otherwise unharmed. An additional concern at this time of the year is walkers suffering hypothermia brought on by wet clothing and energy expended in fighting to remove themselves from the bog. All three incidents resulted in the walkers becoming trapped – and thankfully released without harm, but it is nonetheless, an alarming experience.

The peat bogs on Kinder Scout and surrounding moorlands are a familiar hazard to regular users. They are normally a challenge to navigate safely, however, this year, following extensive rainfall they are particularly wet and soft underfoot too. The unwary walker who strays into them may become unpleasantly trapped.

Please be vigilant and keep a wary eye open for the peat bogs – steer clear of them if you can.

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  1. Paul Benniston

    Spot on. Having walked around that area for many years I’ve become only too aware of the perils around Brown Knoll in particular. It’s not called Brown for no reason. Take care everyone and walk round or retrace your steps to keep safe. It can be squidgy enough in the summer, let alone the winter. Listen to the advice from the mountain rescue teams. It can be literally life-saving.

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