Friends of Buxton Mountain Rescue launch

All successful Mountain Rescue teams rely entirely on the generosity of the public for both funding and hands on support. We receive no official funding and only occasional high value grants. With an outlay of approximately £45,000 per year spent on vital life saving equipment and personal safety kit, vehicles and premises, you’ll appreciate that we need to work extremely hard to keep the pennies rolling in and we are extremely grateful for the support we receive from all our supporters.

To help us reach our targets and to staff various non-emergency events we are launching our Friends of Buxton Mountain Rescue scheme. We’re hoping to establish an informal group of supporters who are willing and able to lend a helping hand with all sort of activities from rattling tins to cake bakes and dispensing drinks and snacks at our scheduled events. If you’re more interested in helping or organizing behind the scenes we’d also love to hear from you.
All the activities will initially be run through a closed Facebook group called Friends of Buxton Mountain Rescue along with monthly meetings in Buxton to meet others and plan tasks. On joining, and in recognition of your support, we’ve arranged for Friends to receive discounts at local outdoor stores and access to special promotional evenings and the chance to participate in some of our advanced First Aid training sessions.
Rather than asking for membership fees we’ve agreed that a regular donation to Buxton Mountain Rescue Team will give you continued access to the Facebook group and the associated benefits. If you’re interested in joining the Friends of Buxton Mountain Rescue please find us on Facebook and apply to join. Or email Find more about the Friends in a Buxton Advertiser article too.


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