David Rutley MP for Macclesfield, joins the team for a night.

David Rutley, local MP for Macclesfield, braved the cold on the evening of 3rd November to volunteer as the casualtymadid-ripley-mp for a training exercise run by Buxton Mountain Rescue in Macclesfield Forest.

The training exercise centered on a scenario in which David, as the casualty, became stranded in the forest, after walking and slipping down a steep mountain bike trail.  The evening exercise gave twenty-two members of the rescue team the opportunity to hone their medical skills and work on how to respond quickly to a real emergency.  Team members worked hard during the exercise to quickly locate David and treat him as they would any real casualty even though the team had already been on two rescue missions that day.

This is not the first time that David, Vice-Chair of the All Partties Parlaimentary Group for Mountain Rescue and Co-Chair of the A.P.PG. on Mountaineering, has worked with Mountain Rescue teams from the local area.  In 2012 David accompanied Kinder Mountain Rescue on a search and rescue training exercise and in the same year met with the Buxton Mountain Rescue Team although this was David’s first time as a volunteer casualty.  On both occasions David expressed his strong support for the important work of mountain rescue teams; work that is especially important at this time of year.  With the clocks going back in recent weeks it is easy for hill walkers to forget that the evenings have drawn in leading some to find themselves stranded in upland areas and in need of rescue.

Buxton Mountain Rescue is one of seven voluntary teams responsible for the recovery of lost or injured people in the Peak District.  The team, of around fifty-five volunteers meeting every Thursday for training and with eight additional daytime training exercises throughout the year.  As well as call-outs and training the team spends a great deal of time fundraising.  Mountain Rescue in England and Wales does not receive any Government funding so the £25,000 per year it takes to keep the team running is raised by the membership.  This year the team is looking to raise an additional £45,000 to bring a new vehicle into operation.

Following the exercise Peter Parker, a Team Member at BMRT, said, “The team was pleased that David could spend time with us allowing the team to demonstrate the work of mountain rescue volunteers.  This was a plausible training scenario of an incident that can happen to anyone at any time and it is typical for the majority of our call outs.  The team would like to stress that, as the days get shorter and the weather grows colder, anyone venturing into the outdoors should take some basic precautions and be prepared just in case that slip results in a debilitating injury.  Always carry a spare layer of clothing, a torch and a whistle.”

David added: “The work of mountain rescue teams like Buxton is vital, especially as the nights begin to draw in making it more likely that some people may find themselves in need of rescue. The training exercise was well attended even after the team’s busy day.  I know first-hand that when they are needed they carry out their work with speed and professionalism.  I will continue to support their efforts in the future.”

Photo Credit:  B.M.R.T.  –  David (centre, green jacket / blue hat) with team members following the exercise. 

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