Are you a quizz lover?

Then here’s a chance to indulge – and at the same time, support Buxton Mountain Rescue Team.

Last Christmas (2010), the ingenious Gillian Halliday raised money for the team by devising and selling a quizz. Encouraged by the results, Gillian has produced a new quizz for 2011. This goes on release Thurs. 1st Sept.

The theme is animals, or rather, place names within the British Isles that contain the name of an animal (not birds). Clues are cryptic, general knowledge and anagrams.
Example: Q: Recently been made a royal town (7,7) A: Wootton Bassett

We’d love you to get a copy. So, switch off the tele. Orgainse a social event for family and/or friends. All details below.

Kind thanks once again to Gillian, for her time and effort in offering this fundraising activity for the team.

To obtain the quiz:

  • Send a stamped addressed envelope, plus a £1 cheque made payable to Buxton Mountain Rescue Team (or enclose cash in folded card) to:
    Mrs. G. Halliday, ‘Lorien’, Main Road, Stickney, Boston, Lincolnshire. PE22 8AG
  • 1st Prize £10. Additional prize, £5 picked at random from returned sheets
  • Closing date: 3rd December, 2011

    1. Gillian Halliday - Quiz setter.

      UPDATE from Quiz setter:

      Re Question 4 – I have accidentally omitted part of the clue. Due to so many quiz sheets having already been distributed and to mark fairly this question has been removed. Fingers crossed, I believe that this is the only mistake I have made.

    2. Gillian Halliday - Quiz setter.

      Just an update re quiz winners.
      £10 – Mrs. J. Phillips of Tavistock, Devon. Randomly picked from 23 all correct answer sheets.
      £5 – Pat Wadsworth of Frome, Somerset. Randomly picked from all returned answer sheets.

      Thanks to all who supported. Next quiz due out February or March, 2012. Watch this space.
      Merry Christmas to all.

    3. Gillian Halliday - Quiz setter.

      Also to add that a total of £113. was raised for the Team.

    4. Dave Mason


      Many thanks for continued fundraising activities for the team. £113 represents a substatial donation to the team which will be used to assist those in need of our services.


      Dave Mason
      Deputy Team Leader

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