A quiz to bring colour into your spring!

So you think you know your way around Britain?

This quiz will put you to the test and raise money for the Rescue Team.

And there are prizes!


Its number twelve in an ongoing series of quizzes by our very own Quiz Mistress, Gillian Halliday.   This one is all about colours and shades.  

No need to run to B & Q for a paint chart to answer these sixty questions but an the AA book or good map may be useful.  The answer to each riddle is a place name of somewhere in the British Isles that contains a reference to a colour. 

Winner receives a £10 prize and another prize of £5 will be drawn from entries received.

Get your entry form by simply sendingstamped addressed return envelope to Gillian Halliday at BMRT Quiz, “Lorien”, Main Road, Stickney, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE22 8AG.  

Don’t forget to include a £1 cheque payable to:  “Mrs G Halliday”  

(Gillian sends the team a cheque for the total amount when entries close.) 

Alternatively, you can use PAYPAL (entry cost is £1.40 to cover Paypal charges), and your entry form will be emailed to you.

Closing date is 31st October 2017

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