2009, a challenging year?

Credit crunch, economic squeeze, recession, down turnposter-crop-small – all phrases we have recently seen splashed across our newspapers and television screens.   At a recent Buxton Mountain Rescue Team Trustee meeting the Honorary Treasurer reported that the team was already feeling the effects of the present economic climate with a dramatic drop in the bank interest rate.   Street collections in Buxton and Castleton over the Christmas period had also not been as fruitful as previous years.   Then news that a major company, which the team was about to approach for sponsorship, had just announced that it could no longer justify giving money to charity whilst it was making employees redundant.

All this indicates that fundraising over the next year is going to be a challenge and the team will have to tighten its belt and look for fresh money raising ideas.  

Over the past seven years the charity has annually spent an average of £34,500 on maintaining its service to the community.  With the team becoming increasingly busy, technical developments in equipment and rising prices for fuel and power, the burden can only get worse.   The increasing operational workload on members also detracts from the time that can be devoted to fundraising.  Street collections, whilst normally very profitable and which promote public contact, are extremely time consuming; time that could be better spent training.

The immediate future of the service  is secure as the team has always budgeted well ahead for circumstances like these.  However, new initiatives need to be introduced to provide for the years ahead. 

The team already has some ideas.  Watch this space for news of a new “Wish List” and the opportunity to support team member, Phil Leigh, on his bid to win the London Marathon (well, at least finish it!).

If you have any ideas to help raise money for the team we would love to hear from you.

Image:  Poster from the 1990’s fundraising campaign.

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