Stanage Edge

  • Call out for year: 82
  • Date: 30/12/08
  • Time: 4:15 pm
  • Grid ref: SK244 834
  • Type of incident: Climber Injured(1)
  • Team members involved: 7
  • Time taken: 2 hours
  • Total man hours: 14

Incident report

Edale and Buxton Mountain Rescue Teams’ Snatch Squad called at 14.05 hours to the popular Hook’s Car end of Stanage Edge.  A 40 year old male rock climber had fallen 3-4 metres from “Christmas Crack” and had sustained suspected back injuries on contact with the

Stanage on a clear warm day!

Stanage on a clear warm day!


Poor visibility prevented the use of an air ambulance so the casualty was treated on site by rescue team first aiders and a doctor before he was carried by stretcher to a waiting road ambulance.


  1. Paddy North

    I was belaying the climber, who fell from Oblique Buttress. MRT response was OUTSTANDING – on scene within 20 minutes and evacuated by ambulance within an hour. Many thanks to all the team who gave up valuable days off. The climber sustained a minor fracture to one verterbrae, but most likely will be released from hospital without surgery. A donation will be made to the team – many thanks and well done on an outstanding job.

  2. Tim Ewington

    I’m the bloke who managed to fall off. Thank you all for the help. It was remakable. Chewing paracetamol and wearing a brace I am back home now. Hope to meet some of you again in the future on the crags in better circumstances. Some original team jokes for 2009 would be an improvement, however. I suggest this as a focus for team training? Again. many thanks.

  3. Treasurer

    Sorry Tim, not allowed to buy a new joke book with charity money but we have got some Christmas crackers left over so I’ll check them out. Pleased to hear you are home even if chewing paracetamol, which reminds me, did you hear the one about why there are no aspirins in the jungle?

  4. Tim Ewington

    No, I haven’t heard that one. But I am wincing in anticipation of the punch line.

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