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Long Hill, north west of Buxton

A very busy day for the team today!

Some team members were fundraising on Sunday at our regular location in Castleton. A mid afternoon call out required them to leave their fundraising duties for a short time to attend a call out just to the north west of Buxton.

Several members of the drone team were also putting in additional voluntary time, in Wincle, south east of Macclesfield, making the most of the good weather to practice their drone skills. They too had to pack up their equipment quickly to …

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Kinder Scout, Edale

The team was called along with Edale MRT and Kinder MRT to assist a gentleman who was out walking with a group of friends when he felt ill and was unable to continue.   The gentleman was dizzy and disorientated when trying to stand or walk, and clearly could not continue A couple of members of his party stayed with him while the rest of the group walked off.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team members were transported to the bottom of Jacobs Ladder to make their way to the casualty location at Pym chair …

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Grindslow Knoll, Kinder Scout

The team was called out along with our colleagues at Edale Mountain Rescue Team as part of the mid-week joint callout procedure.

The teams were requested by Derbyshire Constabulary to attend a person who had been walking on Grindslow Knoll. The lady had slipped and aggravated a pre-existing injury to her ankle. The lady was unable to continue her walk off the hill.

On arrival at the casualty site, the teams quickly assessed the casualty and administered pain relief. The casualty was then transferred to a mountain rescue stretcher for the journey down …

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Roach End, The Roaches

Team members were meeting at The Roaches for the Thursday night training session when they were alerted to an incident at Roach End. The team quickly deployed to Roach End and carried equipment up to the casualty’s location, which was close to the trip point.

The casualty had been running along the Roaches when they fell and sustained an ankle injury. On arrival at scene the casualty was assessed, given pain relief and their leg was splinted. They were then placed in a casualty bag on a mountain rescue stretcher (which was fitted with a wheel) …

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Win hill, north east of Hope

The first of two call outs came in at 10.31 in the morning when Buxton Mountain Rescue Team were called to assist our colleagues at Edale Mountain Rescue Team as part of the mid-week joint call out procedure.

A young lady was walking off Win Hill and suffered an ankle injury, and was unable to continue. One of the EMRT rescue vehicles was able to gain access to the location via woodland tracks.

The casualty was helped into the vehicle and driven down to the road and awaiting East Midlands Ambulance Service

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