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Mam Tor

Joint Snatch incident with Edale MRT at Mam Tor.

A 19 year old female was with a group of friends, walking their dogs on Mam Tor. The lady let her dog (Monty) off it’s lead, and became crag fast on the steep scree slope. She then followed it down to try and rescue it, but they both became crag fast.

2 team members climbed up to where they were to assess their condition while several members walked to the bottom of the slope. No injuries were reported by the casualty, and thre were no obvious injuries to Monty.

It became obvious that the …

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A climber from London was visiting with his climbing club for the weekend. Whilst climbing an HS route on the Roaches upper tier, he fell, had some gear pop out, and landed hard with his back against a rock.
He had a lower back injury, coccyx. Paramedics treated the casualty on site and gave IV pain relief. He was placed on a scoop for extrication, then loaded onto the Bell stretcher and taken down to the waiting air-ambulance for transfer to hospital.

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Horseshoe Quarry

The Team were called along with Edale MRT by East Midlands Ambulance Service to assist with a fallen climber in Horseshoe Quarry, Stoney Middleton. Both teams were quickly on scene arriving after the EMAS Paramedics and EMICS Doctor. Unfortunately the patient was declared deceased from his injuries soon after. The Team remained at the scene for several hours assisting the Police with recovery and investigation.

Our thoughts and condolences go to the family and friends at this very sad time.

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Just as team members were leaving work for the day a call was received to help an injured walker on Shutlingsloe. Mobiles one and two were tasked to RV with available team members.

Team members carried emergency bags and a stretcher to the summit and met the casualty party.

An experienced walker from the High Peak area had tripped on the descent and suffered a fractured wrist. Just as the lady was being assessed by the team’s casualty care technicians the NPAS helicopter from Greater Manchester Police arrived on site. After the initial assessment, the casualty was transported via the helicopter …

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