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Chee Dale, Monsal Trail

The team was called out to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service with the evacuation of a 78 year old female who had been walking in the Chee Dale area, a few miles east of Buxton.

A beautiful spot for a walk at any time of the year, but especially when covered in the first snows of the year.

The lady slipped whilst walking along the riverside path, resulting in a lower leg injury.

The lady was initially treated by a Tideswell Community First Responder who was sent to assess the situation. Thanks for your rapid response.

The lady  was treated on the scene before being …

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Forest Chapel, Macclesfield Forest

The team was called out to a 62 year old female who was out walking with friends in Macclesfield Forest when she slipped whilst descending a path, sustaining an ankle injury.

The team was assisted by members of the NWAS HART team, who helped carry the casualty on a mountain rescue stretcher, for a short distance up the track to a waiting NWAS ambulance at the roadside.

The NWAS HART team (Hazardous Area Response Team) are specially trained and equipped personnel tasked to take on work in tougher than normal situations.

Photo credit: Buxton Mountain Rescue Team Member

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Hollins Cross, The Great Ridge

The team was called along with Edale Team to help a walker who had suffered an injured leg whilst walking along the ever popular, Great Ridge above Castleton / Edale.

The teams administered first aid before the casualty was placed onto a mountain rescue stretcher, carried down to the road side and transferred to an East Midlands Ambulance, which was waiting on the Edale side of Mam Nick.

An unfortunate end to the New Year walk.

Photo Credit: Buxton Mountain Rescue Team member.

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Stanage Plantation

Buxton search dog Griff and handler was called to assist Edale MRT in the area above Stanage Plantation for Derbyshire Police. Targeted searches were commenced by team members and SARDA search dogs until further information came through that lead the search elsewhere. The teams and the dogs returned to bed in the early hours of the morning.

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Chapel House Farm, Macclesfield Forest

The team was called out by a family group who were enjoying a walk around Macclesfield Forest. A young person in the group tripped and fell, and unfortunately was knocked unconscious.

All vehicles were dispatched to Forest Chapel and team members first to arrive headed directly to the casualty site, which was 300 metres from Charity Lane.  At the same time, the North West Air Ambulance arrived on scene and Peak District National Park Volunteer Rangers also arrived on foot.

The casualty had now regained consciousness and was assessed by an air ambulance paramedic, before being placed on a stretcher and evacuated to the helicopter….

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