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Rushop Edge

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called at 3.05 pm on Thursday 25th May by East Midlands Ambulance Service requesting assistance with the evacuation of an injured paraglider from Rushop Edge near to Mam Tor.

The 54 year old man had been airborne when a when a dramatic problem caused him to fall an estimated 10 metres to the ground.    The casualty, from Sheffield, suffered what was considered to be a significant back injury and was going to need careful handling.  The Derbyshire, Leicester and Rutland Air-ambulance was originally dispatched …

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Pennine Way

A potential all-night, multi-team rescue was averted when the person reported missing made contact to say he was just delayed.

A multi team search of Kinder Scout and Bleaklow moors was initiated at 21.30 hrs on Wednesday 16th May following the report of a 75 year old solo walker being overdue at his destination.

The walker was known to be starting the Pennine Way and had left Edale Youth Hostel around 9.00 am that morning.  The alarm was raised when, by the time darkness was falling, he had still not arrived at his reserved accommodation at Crowden in Longdendale.  The weather throughout …

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Buxton, town centre

Not a call-out but an incident where team training came in very useful.

One of our team vehicles on its way to a training event came across a road traffic incident in Buxton town centre where the drivers of both vehicles appeared to have received minor injuries.

The crash had involved two cars in a classic T-bone collision.  The Airbags had deployed in both vehicles demonstrating that there had been significant impact.  The drivers had been wearing seat belts and neither was suffering great trauma.   An ambulance had been called but had not yet arrived.

However, to be sure, team casualty care …

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Cressbrook Dale, Warslow

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called along with colleagues from Edale M.R.T.  in a joint team response following the request from East Midlands Ambulance Service for assistance in Cressbrook Dale, Warslow.

The incident occurred in the grassy limestone dale near to Peter Stone

The 66 year old Lady from Northampton, on an annual walking trip with friends, tripped on a hidden stone in the grass and fell forward onto her arm.   Due to the nature of the injury her right arm was locked in an extended and very painful position out to her side.  An E.M.A.S. paramedic diagnosed a dislocated, possibly fractured right shoulder.

Following treatment and …

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