• Call out for year: 5
  • Date: 21/02/11
  • Time: 7:45 pm
  • Grid ref: SK 135 910
  • Type of incident: Walker Search lost (self report)(2)
  • Team members involved: 3
  • Time taken: 3 hrs
  • Total man hours: 9 hrs

Incident report

Search dogs were called to assist in a search for 2 males who reported themselves lost in thick fog on Bleaklow.

The two men had set off for a walk in the morning. They made Bleaklow Head before lunch, but after that the fog closed in and they reported they were not absolutely sure of their position from that point onward. As darkness fell they realised they were not going to get off without assistance, and called Mountain Rescue. They were on a steep valley side. Three Mountain rescue teams, Glossop, Woodhead, and Edale (providing base support) responded along with 7 SARDA Dogs. Two of these were Buxton’s Dave Mason & Meg, and Nick Smith & Zak.

The missing males were located safe and well, if cold and wet, at Alport Moor by a SARDA search unit and escorted from the hill to waiting transport.


  1. bob james

    well done to the dogs and all teams members involved.

  2. giles holley

    great show keep up the good work

  3. sammie bamber

    great well done ! i admire you all….

  4. Marina Lamming

    I wish we were all this keen to help other people…
    Great work guys ..
    I am proud of you..
    Hello to Phil Eames – hehe…

  5. Geoff Fysh

    We feel that we must join the merry throng in congratulating you on your excellent work of saving the poor lost souls and will pray for you in the next prayer meeting. In the meantime we pray for blessing and good fortune to be upon you, and hope that no ill will befall any of the dogs and vehicles that play such an outstanding role in your rescue. Feed them well and change their oil regularly and they will not let you down. You are constantly in our thoughts.

    With love in Him

    Geoff Fysh Jerry Holman Ron Fawkes Jim Turner

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