Monsal Trail

  • Call out for year: 063
  • Date: 18/08/22
  • Time: 4:33 pm
  • Grid ref: SK 14972 73190
  • Type of incident: Walker Injured(1)
  • Team members involved: 18
  • Time taken: 4 Hours
  • Total man hours: 72 Hours

Incident report

A family group was out walking along the Monsal trail, when one member of the group slipped and fell over 6 metres down into the river. The casualty appeared to have momentarily lost consciousness whilst in the water. A member of the walking group descended and performed basic first aid, and as a result the casualty regained consciousness.

When the team arrived a rope system was rapidly established to haul the casualty back up to the path. Whilst the system was being constructed, the casualty was assessed by the team paramedic and an East Midlands Ambulance Service paramedic and pain relief was administered for injuries to the face and leg.

The casualty was then placed onto the stretcher and hauled back up to the path above. The team proceeded to extract the casualty over difficult terrain, which included wading through the River Wye, to the awaiting ambulance.

We’d like to thank a group carrying out environmental maintenance, who assisted in the extraction by keeping the path clear for the stretcher party.

The team would like to send best wishes to the casualty for a speedy recovery

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