Topley Pike Quarry

  • Call out for year: 58
  • Date: 12/08/16
  • Time: 5:12 pm
  • Grid ref:
  • Type of incident: ()
  • Team members involved:
  • Time taken:
  • Total man hours:

Incident report

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called by East Midlands Ambulance Service when two casualties were reported on Topley Pike_edited-1steep ground above the quarry workings at Topley Pike Quarry.

The two people, from Oldham, were totally off any recognised route and access to the casualty site was extremely difficult.  On arrival the more serious casualty, a young lady, was discovered to have sustained a head injury and a shoulder injury due to a falling rock.  The second casualty had suffered some minor injuries but was able to walk down with assistance.

The lady was treated on scene by team members and an East Midlands Paramedic Officer.  She was then evacuated  on a stretcher over the difficult and steep ground requiring hand over hand techniques and the use of back ropes. On one section the stretcher was sledged down a steep slope.

An East Midlands Ambulance was waiting at the quarry entrance to convey the lady to hospital.

Photo credit:  BMRT   An awkward position to load a casualty followed by a difficult descent.

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  1. Lizzie Roscoe

    My name is Lizzie and I am one of the casualties from the above call out. The end result is a fractured collar bone and a dislocated shoulder. The gash on the neck was is the least of my worries. I’d just like thank every single person who helped me on Friday. I admit we shouldn’t have been hiking there and the Mountain Rescue team did a wonderful job of getting me down safely and making me feel as calm as possible. In particular, I remember the names of a few members; Karina, Sarah and Matt. I’m sorry I can’t remember any other names but I am truly grateful for your efforts and expertise. I am very lucky you can do what you do, not only is it impressive; it’s very heroic. I applaud you.
    Jonny and I have made a donation to your cause as we know first hand that you’re extremely worthy and I’ve purchased a mug that says something along the lines of “I’ve been rescued from a sticky situation” haha!!!
    Thank you all again.
    Lizzie and Jonny

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