Macclesfield Forest

  • Call out for year: 14
  • Date: 30/03/14
  • Time: 6:00 pm
  • Grid ref: SJ 964 706
  • Type of incident: Mountain Biker Injured(1)
  • Team members involved: 16
  • Time taken: 2
  • Total man hours: 34

Incident report

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called to Macclesfield Forest to assist North West Ambulance Service dealing with a mountain biker who had sustained a painful knee injury on Nessit Hill.

Fifteen team members responded to the call and helped to provide first aid and splinting to the casualty.  The casualty, a middle aged man from Buxton, was then loaded on to a rescue stretcher and carried out of the forest to a waiting ambulance.


  1. Stuart Clowes

    A very warm thanks for all those who attended in my hour of need, and their expert stetchering of me off the steep hillside and into the back of the ambulance. The dislocated kneecap was duly put back after sedation at Macc General(and a big dose of morphine!) I was discharged early next morning and spent a restful night at home. Now back at work and driving with just a slight limp and heavy bandaging..
    I hope the guy who was in the middle of moving house didn’t get into too much bother from his other half on having to attend!!

    Worth your weight in gold… was I glad to see you!! Thanks for being there and doing what you do.

    Heartfelt thanks…. Stuart Clowes, Buxton

    nb. If any of the downhill club boys read this,the knee gave way when I was actually walking my bike down part of the track, and had nothing to do with the downhill course whatsoever.

  2. admin

    Thanks very much for your update, Stuart.

    Appreciate your donation, and glad to hear you are getting back to normal.

    Take care.

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