Kinder Scout

  • Call out for year:
  • Date: 7/08/07
  • Time: 4:00 am
  • Grid ref:
  • Type of incident: ()
  • Team members involved:
  • Time taken:
  • Total man hours:

Incident report

Buxton, Edale, Kinder and 3 SARDA dogs called to search for a 54 year old male from Leeds. The male who did not have a map, compass or torch had set off from Crowden the previous day and had in his own words “greatly underestimated the complexity of the Northern Peaks, became benighted and rung 999 after a blind panic) having woken up very wet and cold in the darkness after his unplanned bivvy.” Teams and dogs were deployed to search the likely area for the casualty who at first light, having lost phone signal, decided to walk off. The casualty was located outside the Snake Inn in by a team vehicle, having being convinced he has still been heading for Edale.

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