Kinder, Grindsbrook

  • Call out for year: 8
  • Date: 27/02/11
  • Time: 8:50 pm
  • Grid ref: SK108 872
  • Type of incident: Walker Injured(2)
  • Team members involved: 28
  • Time taken: 3.5
  • Total man hours: 98

Incident report

Full team call-outs for Buxton and Edale Mountain Rescue Teams following a call from a couple in distress in the upper reaches of Grindsbrook.  The husband and wife team from Dorset and on holiday in the Peak District were located by a police helicopter and team members were quickly guided in to their location. 

On arrival it was discovered that the lady had arggravated a previous back injury with a slip whilst descending Grindsbrook in the darkness.  The seriousness of the old injury prompted concerns about a stretcher carry causing even more damage and consequently an RAF Search & Rescue helicopter was called.

The helicopter was overhead within an hour and in total darkness lifted the casualty from a difficult location and transferred her to a Sheffield hospital for further examination.  The husband was assisted back down to Edale.


  1. giles holley

    real commitment so well organised a perfect team

  2. Anderson

    Great post, trendy web page design, stick to the good work

  3. giles simpo

    thats a bit scary…but good ole mountain rescue saves the day once again !

  4. Louisa Pocock

    Hello Guys…
    Keep up the good work guys..
    I am so proud of you….
    We love you all… especially the dogs..
    Catchya round….

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