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Notes of thanks and gratitude following Call-out activity from those directly affected, family, friends or witnesses at the scene are always highly appreciated by the team. Its also nice to hear of about the progress of those unfortunate enough to be injured.

  • GeoffMy son was with the young mountain bikes. It was a traumatic event for the boys one of whom had a compound fracture. The Mountain... Jun 26, 5:07 PM
  • Ian ScottVery pleased to learn that Keith had received an honour for services to Mountain Rescue Jun 21, 6:18 PM
  • Kerry ClarkeThank you for such amazing support from fellow team members, friends and locals. I really appreciate it. Alzheimer’s charities are very close to my heart... May 05, 11:58 AM
  • TeamleaderHello Marysia, good to know you're home and recovering, best wishes from BMRT. Apr 23, 9:58 PM
  • MarysiaI'm that lady walker now at home recovering and again want to thank every one of you and all the incredible teams for rescuing me.... Apr 20, 12:17 PM
  • adminHi Pete, good to hear that you are feeling better. BMRT Mar 10, 2:16 PM
  • Pete HardingThank you all so much for what you did that day and every other day!! I can't find the words to describe how greatfull I... Feb 25, 7:58 PM
  • Dave BowenHi Tony There is a 2019 race, same route as last year so just under 20km. We may put on a shorter route as well... Feb 08, 12:43 PM
  • Ron DysonThank you so very much for your attendance on this evening. I was the casualty in this particular incident. I was in Chesterfield Royal Hospital... Feb 07, 11:03 AM
  • tony hurstis their a race for 2019,and what distance Feb 06, 9:46 PM
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