Mam Tor

  • Call out for year: 48
  • Date: 13/06/18
  • Time: 4:42 pm
  • Grid ref: SK 12388 83222
  • Type of incident: Walker Crag-fast(1)
  • Team members involved: 14
  • Time taken: 1.32
  • Total man hours: 18.48

Incident report

Joint Snatch incident with Edale MRT at Mam Tor.

A 19 year old female was with a group of friends, walking their dogs on Mam Tor. The lady let her dog (Monty) off it’s lead, and became crag fast on the steep scree slope. She then followed it down to try and rescue it, but they both became crag fast.

2 team members climbed up to where they were to assess their condition while several members walked to the bottom of the slope. No injuries were reported by the casualty, and thre were no obvious injuries to Monty.

It became obvious that the safest way to recover them was by rope and a ground anchor and belay point was set up above. A team member was lowered down and rescued the lady using a nappy. A second team member was then lowered with Monty.

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