Water-cum-Jolly, Cressbrook

  • Call out for year: 46
  • Date: 24/09/09
  • Time: 8:18 pm
  • Grid ref: SK 1667 7268
  • Type of incident: Non mountain (Other) Crag-fast(animal)
  • Team members involved: 15
  • Time taken: 1.5 hours
  • Total man hours: 23

Incident report

A regular Thursday evening training session on crag safeFreddie 5ty developed into a practical exercise when a call was received from a distressed dog owner in Cressbrook. 

A 2 year old Dalmatian had fallen from the top of Water-cum-Jolly landing on a rocky ledge some 20 metres above the River Wye.  Fifteen members escaped from the classroom to answer the call which involved lowering a team member armed with dog-biscuits to where the animal was stranded.  Collecting the dog in a makeshift harness the pair were then gently lowered another 20 metres to the ground to be reunited with the owner.  

Fortunately it was a clear night but darkness complicated the technical rope rescue which only an hour earlier had been a classroom training scenario. For narrative story see the News and article pages: Rescued dog, rescued by, rescue dog handler, 25.09.09.

Photo:  The steep limestone crags of Water-cum-Jolly in daylight!

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