North West Ambulance support

  • Call out for year: 04
  • Date: 7/01/10
  • Time: 10:26 pm
  • Grid ref:
  • Type of incident: Non mountain (Ambulance) problem undisclosed()
  • Team members involved: 6
  • Time taken: 8 hours
  • Total man hours: 48

Incident report

Team members called to relieve exhausted colleagues in Kinder and Glossop teams who have been on standby to assist North West Ambulance Service. 

Both Kinder and Glossop MRTs had been on constant standby for the ambulance service since Monday night.  During that time team members have worked in shifts around the clock to provide a 4 x 4 vehicle emergency response to any location badly effected with the weather.  Both teams have answered many 999 calls for the ambulance service and dealt with many casualties but there is only so much that volunteers can do.  When the teams were asked to continue providing standby cover throughout Thursday night they in turn asked Buxton Team for support.

Buxton team has so far had little to do in the severe weather conditions, and members were happy to volunteer to play their part in the community service.

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