Hen Cloud, Upper Hulme, Staffs

  • Call out for year: 18
  • Date: 2/05/09
  • Time: 3:40 pm
  • Grid ref: SK0080 6155
  • Type of incident: Climber Injured(2)
  • Team members involved: 15
  • Time taken: 90 minutes
  • Total man hours: 22

Incident report

The team was called by Staffordshire Police to a rock climbing incident on Hen Cloud near the Roaches involving a 27 year old male from Beeston in Nottinghamshire.  The man had been climbing with a friend on a V. Diff. route known as Ancient when he fell and, despite attempts by his belayer to break his fall, he struck the ground. 

Staffordshire Ambulance Service dispatched local emergency responders followed by a land ambulance and, shortly afterwards, an air ambulance.  Staffordshire police were also in attendance at the incident which is believed to have occurred about 3.40pm. 

The casualty had fallen six metres on to a ledge and rolled further into a rock crevice.  Mountain Rescue was contacted at 4.35 when it was realised that moving the patient was going to require some extra technical assistance and muscle.   The first team member was on site at 4.55 quickly followed by fourteen other members. 

The man, who sustained back and arm injuries, was fortunately wearing a helmet which had prevented further complications.  Medics on site had already treated the injuries assisted by other climbers, and he was then lowered by the Buxton team and carried by stretcher down to a field where the air ambulance was waiting.

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