Crowden Brook, Kinder Scout

  • Call out for year: 25
  • Date: 3/04/10
  • Time: 4:42 pm
  • Grid ref: SK 098 868
  • Type of incident: Walker Crag-fast(4)
  • Team members involved: 12
  • Time taken: 2 hours
  • Total man hours: 24

Incident report

Derbyshire police called for mountain rescue following a 999 call from afamily trapped at the head of Crowden Brook by the steep and slippery conditions caused by the recent heavy rain and snow melt. 

The four family members, on holiday from London, included a  69 year old female, a 43 year old male and two children aged 6 and 4 years.  

The party had left Edale in the morning for what was described in a local guide book as a five mile walk.   The ascent of Kinder Scout was challenging in the conditions with the river swollen and difficult to cross.  However, the family made it to the top successfully but it was the return trip that proved to be more problematic.  The youngsters were now exhausted and need to be carried.  The slippy conditions and the steepness of the path made it dangerous for the children to be carried on shoulders and at this point the father called for help. 

Having alerted the authorities the family continued with extreme caution to descend the clough until they were met by Buxton Rescue Team members.   Rescuers provided extra clothing and energy food for the boys and the party was led to safety in Barber Booth.

Photo:  The head of Crowden Brook with its steep climb to Crowden Tower.

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