Cat and Fiddle road, A537

  • Call out for year: 11
  • Date: 10/01/10
  • Time: 10:00 pm
  • Grid ref: SK 004 715
  • Type of incident: Non mountain (Police) (1)
  • Team members involved: 2
  • Time taken: 1.5 hours
  • Total man hours: 3 hours

Incident report

Another vehicle stuck in snow and a second trip to the Cat and Fiddle, skid signBuxton to Macclesfield Road.  Police alerted the team to a VW van which had become stranded after ignoring the obvious “Road closed” signs. Concern for the welfare of the driver in the blizzard conditions meant the team responded with two members in its Land Rover. 

Road conditions were appalling with deep snow obliterating the edges of the roadway. The team arrived to find the vehicle in the safe hands of two 4×4 recovery vehicles!   

With nowhere to turn, the team vehicle had to reverse one & half kilometres and in the process managed to get one wheel in the ditch.  However, with two recovery vehicles on scene, the Land Rover was soon back on all four feet and all were soon back in the relative safety of Buxton.  To add injury to insult, one team member lost a pair of glasses costing over £100.  And all because someone thought “Road closed” didn’t apply to him!!

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