Christmas gifts-in-kind

Don’t waste your money on more fly-killer perfume for Mum this Christmas.
Dad has already got enough car-shampoo kits to wash a double-decker bus.

Impress them with a Buxton MRT “Christmas Gifts in Kind” present instead.

Ask Gran to give the socks a miss, and Aunty Glad to hold on sending another woolly scarf.

Convince them to support the Buxton MRT “Christmas Gifts in Kind” scheme instead.

We spend all funds raised on really useful kit: it may help save a life.

The team will send a Christmas card to whomever you wish to tell them how good you have been this year.  We’ll let them know what their Christmas present has bought, too. The card will not state the value of your donation, but will indicate what kind of item the team may buy appropriate to the value of your gift. We can’t guarantee to purchase a specific individual item with your donation, but we will indicate if your gift has been pooled in order to buy a larger item.

Send your “Christmas Gifts in Kind” via the JustGiving web site and the taxman will add an extra 25% to your gift.

Christmas Gifts in Kind

What your donation buys

There are a myriad of items, large and small, that we need to replace regularly. Your donation will be spent on one article or other from the following list.

Batteries, Cervical collar, First Aid consumables, Flares, Gas cylinders, Karabiners, Maps, Roll mats, Ropes, Safety goggles, Splints up to £10
Crag kit: descenders, gloves, pulleys, slings. Computer ink, Reflective vests, Snow goggles,Stuff sacks up to £20
Compass, Dry bags, Radio aerials, Rescue knife, Rope bags, Search lamps up to £30
Belay device, Equipment rucksacks, First Aid Pack, Head torch, Helmets, Ice axe up to £50
Airway suction pump, Climbing harness, Emergency shelter tent, Lightweight casualty bag, Resuscitator up to £100
GPS, Traction splints up to £150

The Big Ones…

Broadband connection, Entonox regulator, Outer shell clothing, Personal and Vehicle satellite navigators up to £300
Casualty bag, Incident medical bag, Hand-held & vehicle radios, Vacuum mattress up to £400
Heart Rate Monitor up to £500
Laptop computer up to £600
Stretcher £2,000 each

Christmas Gifts in Kind

Terms And Conditions

Christmas Gifts in Kind is a fundraising scheme operated by Buxton Mountain Rescue Team and all profits will go directly to the team’s general bank account.

Gifts should be sent via the JustGiving website or may be sent to BMRT Christmas at 16, Somerset Close, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 9XB. Cheques should be payable to “Buxton Mountain Rescue Team”

The team will spend your donation on furthering the objectives of the charity as described in its Constitution lodged with the Charity Commission. The team cannot guarantee to purchase a specific individual item with your donation.

The team is run by unpaid volunteers so there are no administration costs. The costs of the cards and postage (UK mainland second class) has been donated privately so all your donation qualifies for Gift Aid relief. The only money deducted from your gift will be fees charged by JustGiving which are taken from the proportion of tax returned when Gift Aid is claimed. See the Just Giving web site for full details of Gift Aid and charges.

On receipt of a Gift in Kind donation the team will send you an email asking for for the name and address for the card to be sent and any special message you may wish to include. The card will not state the value of your donation but may indicate an item which the team may be able to buy appropriate to the value of your gift.

Cards will be posted on Monday 14th December by Royal Mail second class post for all donations received by that date. Cards will be posted as soon as possible thereafter for any donations received after that date.

Buxton MRT will do all it can to ensure satisfaction but it can not be held responsible for any delays or failures beyond its control.