How tight is your girdle?

The team has always tried to keep pace with modern developments in SAM_Pelvic_Sling_IIpatient care. Our policy is to offer the very best available to any casualty we’re called to treat.  Thanks to Chapel Ramblers and your donations the team has been able to invest £300 in a new system of splinting for pelvic injuries.  

We often only think of splints for legs and arms but any fractured bone needs to be secured to prevent further damage to blood vessels and internal organs.   The pelvis is a major structural part of the skeleton but damage is sometimes more difficult to detect than an obvious mis-shapen leg.

Pelvic injuries can easily happen in a climbing accident where the casualty has fallen any great distance or where the casualty has been struck in a rock fall.  Injuries to the pelvis are always serious and can even be life threatening because of the associated internal bleeding.  Team policy is, if in doubt, treat for the worst.

Treatment has always been to provide a broad bandage around the hips but is often difficult to judge the correct amount of pressure required to provide the right support without over tightening and causing more damage.SAM_Pelvic_Sling_II_inuse

Now, with the new Sam Pelvic Slings the correct pressure is automatically applied providing support and comfort for the injured casualty.  At nearly £50 each they don’t come cheaply but what is the price of preserving a life?

The team’s front-line first aid response kits now hold one of each of the two sizes needed for field use.

Nearly £200 has been generously donated by Chapel Rambling Club towards the costs topped up by public gifts.  They couldn’t have been bought without your support.  Thank you! 

For those wanting the technical specification go to

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