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Chesterfield Royal Hospital Grounds

Buxton Search Dog Megan with handler, Dave Mason, called to assist Derby Mountain Rescue Team.  The rescue team was involved in an ongoing search for a vulnerable 60 year old male who had been missing for over 24 hours.  The search area included woodland and brush in the vicinity of the hospital.

No trace was found of the man and Derbyshire Police enquiries are ongoing.

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Cales Dale, Youlgreave

Team Search Dog Megan with handler, Dave Mason, were called to support the rescue team in a the search for an elderly woman and her son lost around Youlgreave.  A search dog handler from Edale MRT also assisted.

See team call: 64

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Kinder Scout.

Search Dog, Megan, with S.A.R.D.A. handler Dave Mason called to support Buxton MRT in a search for an 18 year old student on Kinder Scout.  See team call-out 60.

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Kinder Scout

Search Dog Megan with handler Dave Mason called to assist with a search of Kinder Scout by Kinder MRT for two lost walkers.  Attempts to use SARLOC (text message locating system) had failed and a helicopter search was ruled out because of bad weather.  Two other Peak District Search Dogs were also involved before the casualties were eventually located near to Crowden Head.

The two were than assisted from the hill by members of Kinder MRT.

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When the Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation’s “Kinder Search Plan” was initiated to search for two men missing on Kinder plateau, Buxton’s Search Dog Megan and handler Dave Mason were soon on their way to take part.  See team call No. 5.
Megan and Dave were stood down whilst still on route when it was reported that both men had been located in Edale.

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High Tor, Matlock

Two Peak District Search and Rescue Dogs were called in the early hours of Monday to assist Derby M.R.T. acting on behalf of Derbyshire Police with a search for a missing vulnerable person.

Buxton’s Search and Rescue Dog Megan, with handler Dave Mason, were alerted at 03.30 hours and were quickly on scene.  Dave and Megan were tasked to search the steep sides of the wooded gorge which would be difficult in daylight  but was made even more precarious in the darkness and very poor weather conditions with sleet and snow.

Following about an hour of searching Megan located the body of a deceased …

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Diverted from Kinder to Goyt Valley

Search Dog Megan with handler Dave Mason were on their way to support three teams taking part in a search for a man on Kinder Scout.  When the Kinder Scout casualty was located by another Peak District search dog, Dave and Megan were diverted to assist with another simultaneous  rescue in the Goyt Valley.   See team calls No: 60 & 61 on 25th September.

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Kinder Scout

Search and Rescue Dog, Megan with handler Dave Mason called to join a multi-team search of Kinder Scout in very poor weather conditions.   See team call-out number 52.

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A fruitless journey for Buxton Search Dog Handler, Dave Mason, when he and Search Dog Megan were called with other search dogs to assist Glossop Mountain rescue Team.

A group of eleven walkers had become lost and confused in wild, wet conditions on Bleaklow during the night.  Dave and Megan travelled thirty miles from Matlock to help in the search to find that a Glossop MRT foot section had just located the group.  The group, all safe if wet and cold, were escorted from the moor and Dave returned home.

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Mam Tor Ridge

A Buxton Search Dog unit was asked to join the team in searching for a child who had become separated from the family group.

The dog team was stood down en-route when the missing child was safely located.

See Team Call Out on same date for further details.

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