The Roaches, Staffordshire

  • Call out for year: 25
  • Date: 31/05/09
  • Time: 7:10 pm
  • Grid ref: Sk 0062 6629
  • Type of incident: Climber Injured(1)
  • Team members involved: 17
  • Time taken: 1.5
  • Total man hours: 25.5 hours

Incident report

As team members were packing up from a previous incident at Monsal Dale another was reported; this time on the Upper Tier of the Roaches in Staffordshire. roaches-small

The pagers were again activated to alert members local to the popular climbing outcrop and the first members arrived within ten minutes of the call and before the air-ambulance.

A 24 year old man had fallen an estimated 10 metres whilst setting up protection for a route on Blushing Buttress.  The novice climber from Manchester sustained suspected injuries to his back and confirmed injuries to his upper right arm and right foot.

The Midlands Air-Ambulance was quickly on scene and the casualty benefited from assessment by the flying doctor and treatment by team members using some of the recently purchased team equipment.   After being carefully restrained in a special mattress designed for spinal injuries, the casualty was carried by stretcher down to the helicopter waiting on the coll between the Roaches and Hen Cloud.

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  1. Alec J. Cook

    A big thank you to all they guys who came out and helped him. One of the most unplesant weekends I have had a quite a while.

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