Aldery Cliff, Earl Sterndale.

  • Call out for year: 31
  • Date: 27/05/16
  • Time: 3:03 pm
  • Grid ref: SK 097 662
  • Type of incident: Climber Injured(1)
  • Team members involved: 14
  • Time taken: 2
  • Total man hours: 28

Incident report

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team called by East Midlands Ambulance Service Aldery Cliff Incident 27th May 2016_webfollowing the report of a climbing accident on the popular limestone outcrop at Aldery Cliff.

A very experienced rock climber had fallen approximately twelve metres onto the ground whilst abseiling from a ledge.  The 70 year old casualty from Nottingham sustained extensive injuries including suspected back, pelvic and leg fractures.  Medical treatment was started by the ambulance staff who were on scene first and then were quickly supported by team members as they arrived.

The gentleman was then carried a short distance to a land ambulance and then on by road to the nearest flat land where the North West Air-ambulance had landed.  The casualty was then flown to a specialist trauma centre in Stoke.

Friends of the casualty later updated BMRT on the man’s condition stating that whilst the injuries were serious, he was likely to make a full recovery.

Photo credit:  BMRT – Ambulance crew and team members preparing the casualty for evacuation to a specialist trauma centre.


  1. Neil McNeil

    Hi folks – thanks for this job yesterday – you may now know that the victim was in fact an experienced MR guy himself as an ex RAFMR member and well respected by his ex team members – cheers again – we are all human—

  2. Dave Gerrard

    Thanks fellas he was one of ours ex RAF MR

  3. Jim morrison

    Thanks very much for your efforts to recover ‘Woody’ as you may be aware Woody was a member of the RAFMRS and served with the RAF Stafford team. Many times in the early 1970′ s the Stafford troops worked closely with the Buxton team. Hopefully he will make a good recovery.

  4. Dave

    Well done to all the rescue crew, especially cousin Dawn?, and get well soon Woody!

  5. Teresa Woodyatt

    Thanks to all involved. He’s in a pretty bad way and he’s certainly going to be out of action for a while, but at least he’s here to tell the tale.
    A huge thank you to:
    his friend Dave Greensill
    East Midlands ambulance service
    Buxton Mountain Rescue
    North West air ambulance

  6. John Banks

    Thanks to all those concerned with getting Woody safely to hospital. I’ve climbed thousands of feet and been on many rescues with this guy over the last 40 years and he’s the last person I would have thought to have a abseiling accident like this, it just shows we are all venerable and human! Thanks again for your effort .

  7. Eric Hollister

    Thanks for taking care of Our “Brother in Arms” (Ex RAF MRT)

  8. Malcolm Greenwood (Mole)

    Thanks a lot guys for helping my old mate Woody. Ex RAFMR member, Leeming Team.
    Haven’t seen him in years. Bit of a bugger as I live in Australia, first news I get of him is not good news.
    Thanks again.

  9. "Buck " Buchanan

    Thanks to all concerned in the evacuation of “Woody”. Had a chat with him at Mike Shannon’s funeral, never thought this would happen.
    Get well soon

  10. Has Oldham

    Now then Woody! Make a speedy recovery. Last time I was on the hill with you on An Teallach in the ’70s, we were tumbled downhill in an avalanche, you got away with it then like you will this time!
    Placed in the best of hands from a hard rock to a soft pillow!

  11. Keith Hunter

    Many thanks to Buxton MRT. Woody and and I have shared many good (and some bad) days on the hill. It is good to know that the ‘brotherhood’ is still working.
    Get well Woody!

  12. Woody woodyatt

    Not sure where to start ,other than the most heartfelt thank you.
    I have very little recall of the accident nor of the rescue,but I do remember knowing that I was in good and safe hands
    Thanks also to the kind comments from so many of my former mrt friends.
    I feel I will make a full recovery given time and will hopefully climb again.
    I am still here for my family and friends ,thanks to you.
    My deepest thanks ,and very best wishes

  13. Team Rambler

    Woody, Thank you and your kind family and friends for all the for all the encouraging comments made about the team and the other services involved on the day.
    We in Buxton MRT wish you a very speedy recovery and good health in the future. It appears you have a loving family and lots of old mates thinking about you.

    Aldery and many others will still be waiting!

    Best wishes.

  14. Ian[jugs] jones

    well done & many thanks for helping our friend Woody. All his friends send their thanks to you & the ambulance service, we can now enjoy his company for many years to come.

  15. Woody

    Good afternoon.
    I just wanted to offer my thanks once again.
    For the splendid work you did on me 5 weeks ago.
    Still in hospital and will be here for some time yet.its expected to be some months before I am walking again
    Walk and climb again I will ,thanks to you people
    Many many thanks

  16. Jimmy Cumming

    Woody.Thanks for being a great friend and mentor to me at Stafford 1977.I will always remember your wise words over a pot of Earl Grey tea after lunch.
    Best Wishes for a full recovery.

  17. Ian Woodyatt

    Hello troops
    Two years since you saved my life , following a fall at Aldery quarry Earl Sterndale.
    Today , I did my first route on real rock since that fateful day .
    Getting up a few hills , including Chrome hill , Hollins hill, Bleaklow , Kinder, Pen y ghent.
    Was on Crow Chin Stanage today .
    Every time I climb , walk, or cycle , I am very aware that it’s all thanks to you guys , the para medics, and the air ambulance, plus of course our wonderful NHS .
    Thank you seems so inadequate
    But it’s so true
    Woody and Teresa

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