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Blue John Cavern

A geology student from Keele University was in the area on a field trip. The field study group had intended to visit the Blue John Cavern. During the descent, the lady slipped at the bottom of the cavern and resulting in a suspected fractured ankle.

Buxton Mountain Rescue, Edale Mountain Rescue Team and Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation, which was training in Peak Cavern nearby, were called to assist East Midlands Ambulance Service

A back-roped system was established to assist with the steep and humid ascent from the cave. The casualty was placed on …

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Higger Tor

A participant on an outdoor recreational course, become stuck in between some rocks. The team responded as part of the mid-week snatch cover with Edale Mountain Rescue Team. Due to the position of the casualty, it was obvious that more specialised equipment would be required and assistance from Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation was requested.

Mountain rescue team members were able to remove soil from around the casualty’s leg, this then helped free the casualty. After an assessment by team medics the casualty was able to walk to awaiting vehicles.

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A very autumnal call for us on this morning to assist Edale Mountain Rescue Team in the woods near Froggatt village. Nine members of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team quickly responded and headed to the location. A member of a school group had an allergic reaction to something they had eaten. They were put into one of the Edale team vehicles and driven a short distance to an awaiting ambulance. We wish the casualty a speedy recovery.

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Upper Booth Farm, Edale

The team were driving back from call out 86 and as we headed to Upper Booth Farm the radio started to chatter with news of another incident. Team Leader Neil had been driving up towards the campsite to pick up team members who were coming off the hill. He came across a group on the road and one of the party with a medical history had collapsed. We quickly responded with all kit and personnel available. We recognised the importance of the incident quickly and called for rapid evacuation by land ambulance. The team made the casualty as comfortable …

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Pym Chair, Kinder

Half way through our first ever fundraising race Fell ‘n’ Back our deputy team leader got a call that we were needed up on top of Kinder Scout. As nearly all our resources were tied up in the logistics of the race, he had to think about who and what to send. Kinder Mountain Rescue Team were covering for us during the race but they needed our help. 11 team members and two of the team’s vehicles were dispatched to Edale. On arrival, in three groups we climbed up to Pym Chair and met with our friends …

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